Who knows that you carry?


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Education is a powerfull tool in helping some to understand that guns don`t kill people,people kill people.I have also converted a few anti gunners just by taking them too the range and showing them that the gun isn`t going to jump out of the case and shoot someone and that as long as you practice safety and use common sense,you can have a great time and be perfectly safe.I even have a few friends that have asked me to take their children to the range when i take my son and daughter so i can teach them how to handle and shoot a gun safely.I feel that as responsible gun owners,we can make a positive impact on those around us that might be gun shy by setting positive examples.


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Most of my family

knows but it hasn't come up in a long time. My wife, my daughter, that we visit in Boston a few times a year. Most LEOs in my home town that I'm acquainted with, also know. It's not always a good idea to let people know. A long time ago, while backpacking in the Adirondacks (Mount Marcy) I was open carrying a 357 mag. I was approached by another hiker, who saw the gun. He asked me why I had a gun. I told him for protection. He lectured me that we were in the bears home and I didn't need a gun. A friend that was with with us piped up and said "It's for nosy jerks like you" I was no longer in engaged it the conversation and possible chance to explain my point of view. I didn't appreciate the comment from my friend and let him know. The take away from this is, This could happen to someone that is CCW, if the wrong people know.

In the words of Gandalf "Keep it hidden, keep it safe"

Family knows...And a few close friends. Undoubtedly most who get to know me figure it out. Or if they live near me as in roommates they do. Its hard to disquise the sound of the cocking of a gun in the morning. I've ran into friends who mouth off without understanding the consequences. I've been in that posistion. Most do not remain friends if they cannot understand the responsibility and nature of ccw. Some tend to see it as a joke or crack out about it like those experiences stated above. I like however, to tell people I have gotten to know for a while, especially if I think they can handle the news, just because it spreads out the education and knowledge that we are not cons or wannabe cops. Most figure it out as I also profess a good deal of firearms education and knowledge. They sort of figure it out when people start asking questions about ccw and one answers immediately without a pause. Oh WELL!!


My mother, kids, brothers, co-workers on my shift, friends and on the days I decide to OC everyone that sees me.


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The media and most of the government do everything in their power to make it seem that anyone that owns a gun is a bag guy. Ask any person on the street if they see someone with a gun, do they think he’s criminal or a law abiding citizen and I’m sure that most will say his is a criminal. Its just the way people have been brain washed to think. It’s for this reason I do not hide the fact that I carry from anyone I know be it friends or family.
Know don’t get me wrong, I’m not walking around with a shirt that says “I have a gun” but I do sometimes wear NRA shirts and I have NRA stickers on my cars. If someone asks me about guns I talk to them about it. If someone has a problem with me having a gun I discuss it with them. I’m sure most of us have more than enough facts and figures to toss out to any anti-gun person out there to win an argument.
Let’s face it it’s really up to us to educate the majority of people out there on the benefits / reason / responsibility / right of people to carry a gun. No one else is going to do it. So if I can convince just one person to apply for a permit that’s one more person out there that may one day save his life, his family’s life or maybe yours.


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My wife and I very recently made the decision to get our permits. I've not told anyone yet of our plans to carry other than my wife's sister. In Delaware, it is required to get a written character reference from five residents of the county of which you reside and submit them with the application. We thought we'd request her signature.

Did I mention she is a Democrat, worked as an advisor to the Governor and now works under another elected state official as chief of staff? Sounded like it could be fun!

I thought it would be interesting to get her "opinion" and see her reaction to our request and decision. I didn't get 100% the reaction I was expecting. She started out by saying the gov't has no business interfering with a law abiding citizen who's had a thorough back ground check, in getting their permit. In almost the same breath though, her training kicked in and over-road her attempt at logical thought. She quickly went back to her "sheeple" mindset and followed up with, "but there are so many criminals out there, there needs to be some kind of gun control. People shouldn't just be walking around with guns". UUUUGGGGHHHH!

In an effort not to start a "family feud" I restrained myself from getting into a heated debate but did slide in the fact that if guns are restricted from law abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns. She obviously restrained herself from further discussion as well, but did agree to sign. The fact that she agreed means we may have at least partially pried open her mind and let a little light in.

I'm sure now that we've put it out there, it will come up frequently and I'll have more opportunities to bring her around. We can only hope!


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Well, the variety of responses have been interesting thus far. I'd have to say that I treat my carry gun like Switzerland does its nuclear weapons... :D ...I don't even admit that it exists, much less let anyone know where it is. I don't lie, of course - but no one really considers the idea, so it never comes up. I am a member of the NRA, and I do have a card, but there's no stickers or anything lying around that might make it obvious. I don't know anyone personally at the range or any of the gun shops where I go.

I'm not really sure why...I try to be fairly discreet to begin with, but IMO, I wouldn't necessarily want everyone I know to know that I carry, either. Some people can't control themselves when talking, while others might get a false sense of security. Most critically, in a situation that calls for self-defense, some people might give away (through a glance or in panic) the fact that I'm armed. Not to mention the one who will say, "Hey...it says no guns in here. Shouldn't you leave your gun in the car?" right in front of the greeter when walking into Walmart.

The best camouflage is to just look and act like everyone else, and then no one will give you a second thought. :)
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My husband, as well as my mom, sister, and brother who all live in Colorado (they honor Utah's license, so I carry when I visit out there). A couple of close friends, but that's it. The fewer who know the better, unless the topic can be used to spread awareness (that's why my 2 friends know).


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I live in a small community and I don't keep the fact that I carry a secret. I don't really broadcast that I am carrying either. My family and quite a few co-workers know. This has resulted in several of them getting permits of their own. When I visit the big city, I never let anyone know.


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My wife and kids, plus five or six fellow carriers from work. And now my brother-in-law- (25 year LEO). Recently I was at his house, putting up a new ceiling fan, and removed my conceal wallet that houses my KelTek .380. he asked me, "Do you have a liscense for that thing?"
My response: "Oh yeah, about a year and a half now..."


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Just my family and a couple of friends. Some neighbors suspect I do but are not sure and I'm not letting them know for sure.


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of course they know

Everyone that knows me knows I carry. I actually think it is a badge of honor. It means you are reputable, have a pretty clean record, pay your taxes, don't owe back child support. I carry for a plethora of reasons. My Mother in Law asked me one time and I told her to protect those weaker than me. Her answer ? "Pishaw". Well, it's true. Partly to protect myself and largely to protect those who can't protect themselves. The same reason my son is in the military. He's certainly not doing it for the pay. Carrying is a badge of honor, a right and a duty. Just one more aspect of being a responsible worthy citizen.


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Lordtobar- Consider this; if everyone you know is aware you carry, have you placed yourself in a favorable tactical position when the proverbial poop hits the fan in your workplace or at an outing with friends? What if one of your "friends" goes off the deep end and starts doing what the little voices tell them to do? Won't you be their first target? Are you any good to those you wish to protect at that point?

CCW is for one reason- To protect your life and the lives of your loved one's in a "critical dynamic incident". That means, if you have an opportunity to leave....leave. When you leave, take your loved ones with you and those remaining need to fend for themselves. If by protecting yourself you save someone else, then it was their lucky day but you have no duty or legal position to defend someone else. How do you know when coming into an incident who is the bad guy? You may walk into a parking garage and meet a scruffy fellow holding another at gunpoint. Do you take action with your weapon against this person? Who is to say the person holding the weapon isn't an undercover police officer? The attitude that you carry to protect others is one that will have you sitting in court and likely in jail.

I'd recommend you read Massad Ayoob's "In the Gravest Extreme" and check out the Thunder Ranch DVD training series since not all of us can afford $2-$3k every few years to keep our skills up to date.

I completely understand your being proud to have the right and duty to carry. You may be missing the responsibility you have to be discrete and keep the number of those who are aware you carry to a VERY select few. This is the main reason I choose to carry concealed vs. open carry. While it may help the political cause, it won't mean beans if you are eliminated before you know you are a target.


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I live in a small town and am friends with some of the leos and they know. My close family and close friends know. If asked I don't confirm nor deny. Some of my close friends carry now. I don't ask if I can carry in places that don't post it and if it is posted I make sure it's concealed good and go in. If I walk across your parking lot only to find a sign telling me I can't carry I'm not going back to my truck just to put my gun in it. That being said concealed means concealed.


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As few as possible

My wife, my kids and a few others of like mind. I do not advertise. My plan if I am ever asked by anybody if I am carrying is to answer, "No but if I was I would probably lie." Let them chew on that.

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I really don't know who knows I carry, I really don't care either it's no big secret as far as I'm concerned or any ones business. In the morning I throw My OWB paddle holster on and out the door... covered or not..Unless were on the bike then I carry in my Hillside vest with a gun pocket just because the wife bangs her knee of it when its on my side ..


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I don't hang around many people. I don't have many neighbors but they know I watch this area and know I'm armed. I've told many people that they had no business in this area. I shot enough that everyone knows this is not a place to be caught stealing. today most of the people I know are getting their CWP. They call me about what gun they should get I also let them come over and shot enough to pass the test.

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