What's your prefered carry method?

What's your prefered carry method?

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right now either pocket with a compact tz75 9mm. or more often a .45 witness full size iwb at 6 o'clock. really tempted to try a smart carry holster. I guess I can't go wrong with a 60 day trial period with one...my .40 baby eagle should be in any day. like to try that with the smart carry.


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I voted IWB. I wear either a Glock 23 or a Springfield XD-40 service in a Comp Tac C-Tac and it is very comfortable. It is tuckable also. a couple of mods I made to make it about perfect for me, and those that like the idea of Kydex, but think its too uncomfortable: I put a layer of moleskin cut to the shape of the holster on the side of the holster facing my body. It grips my t-shirt really well, and makes the inside softer. I also rounded off the end of the holster (the barrel end) by grinding it a bit. I can wear this setup with an IWB extra mag holder all day and it stays EXACTLY in place and is amazingly comfortable. I have some leather holsters, but this is the best for fit, thinness, and comfort. And no 16 week wait, either!:h:

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