What's your prefered carry method?

What's your prefered carry method?

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I started cc with a SmartCarry, but I need all the room I can get down there. :rolleyes: I have moved to IWB with my Springfield XD-45 compact.
I started with a Comp CTAC and still wear it. With my PT140 in one, I can conceal it under a tshirt wearing shorts, great out here during the summer in Las Vegas!

I'll be testing out the Crossbreed holster I received as soon as I can legally carry it, waiting on my new permit.
I voted IWB because that's how I carry most often but I would certainly prefer OWB. As the weather cools down I'll be switching to OWB for a change. ;)
I prefer IWB at about 4 o'clock. It took some getting used to, but I now feel naked without it (and nobody wants that). :)
Like Smokewagon, my preferred carry would be OWB with a paddle holster, but on my chubby frame, even a stiletto knife would be almost impossible to conceal carrying it that way.

In KS the only concealed weapons we are allowed to carry with a permit are handguns, so I have IWB holsters for both guns that I carry regularly.
Pocket carry daily in a homeade holster, also use the smartcarry. Have a bunch of IWB and OWB that mostly sit in the closet.

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They give ya a 60 day trial time. If it don't work for ya send it back. Call their number in the evening and talk to Charlie,the owner. He has a lot of info and can help you decide on size for your firearm.
I like the fact it has a water proof back panel as it get's pretty hot here in the summer and ya don't have to worry about sweat rusting the gun.
It depends on what I'm doing. If I'm mowing I use a fanny pack. One of these days I'm going to get a snubbie and a pocket holster.

If I'm going some where where I'm going to have to disarm before existing my pickup I'll put on a OWB. If I really need to concealled IWB
I'm like everybody else. My carry method changes to the circumstances. My preference is pocket carry but when I'm carrying my full size Kimber this isn't an option. It rides either IWB or OWB, depending on weather mostly.
due to the need to disarm and get it in a lockbox before i go on company property,i have been carrying my 3.5" 380 in my belt at 4 o clock.no holster to hassle with.at home i carry my 1911 the same way.been thinking about removing the belt loop there and adding 2.one on each side,forward and aft of the origional.a long loose t shirt covers well.a wife beater and boxers keep it off my skin.blue wonder keeps the rust off the gun.i have a galco iwb holster but i dont care for it.too hard to slip it in the waistband in the car.when i dont have to disarm or remove the holster its ok.
I,too, prefer pocket carry of my S&W 642, but when I want more then 5 rounds, I carry my Walther P99c IWB.

I recently purchased a crossbreed clip IWB holster, so far it is really comfortable and re holstering is a snap!. It is pain to put on but its gets easier to do with practice, I give it a 7 out of ten........
OWB at about 3:00 for jeans and t-shirts, or a SmartCarry when dress clothes are in order.

I just bought an MTAC to try out, but that is going to have to wait until I go buy some jeans that are a size bigger - I thought I could pull it off, but it ain't gonna happen.:mad:

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