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My dad is such a bad influance on me! He's down from Ohio and twisted my arm into buying a new pistol today. I did get a decent price. Walther P22 brand new with the 5" conversion kit for $400 out the door.



sounds like a good influence to me:) just like my dad.. we'll be looking at guns and I will mention that I would like to have such and such a gun and point to it and he'll say .. then get it... then of course he will try to play it off... "oh I don't want to influence you or anything.. I mean get it if you want to get it. it's got nothing to do with me"... so yeah.. I understand:).. and nice gun. let us know your impressions after you've shot it.
Boy, have some fun with that!! I plan to purchase this model with the tax stamp silencer in tow. I shot my buddies a few years ago and had a blast. Its probably one of my favorite semi-auto .22's. Let us know what you think!!!
Mine is pretty comparable and it's been a hoot to shoot. So far, I haven't had ANY issues with firing it. I've tried every type of .22 ammo I have at the house and it eats everything! Even the cheapest bulk stuff, it just keeps on going.
Here's hoping you enjoy yours as much as I like mine.
Congrats on being the arm-twistee...

Very nice. I could sure see that being a lot of fun to shoot. Now I guess I understand what you meant about my comment on another thread about your Dad looking upstanding, obviously he is a terrible influence. :D
Can I borrow your dad for a couple of weekends? :D I love the P22 - just a sexy little plinker!

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