What do you guys do for a living?


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WOW.....I feel a little low on the salery pole.....

I am a auto transport specialist...


most would know me as a wrecker driver...

and I ride too.....anytime you come to Ft Worth area, look me up and we will put the wind the hair.....


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IT Director for a Bank and befor that 15.5 years in the military most of that riding submarines. Also good with electro mechanical like servos and synchros.


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I work as a security officer (armed of course) and tutor in writing on the side. I plan on applying to the local police academy within the next few months.


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I am a Grad Student of history currently working on my PhD so that I can become a College Prof. Was a police officer for 1.5 years, decided I wanted to go back to school. Currently also a Research Assistant.


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There is nothing like the Shooting/Firearms culture. What other place can you get such a diverse group of people and not have any problems.

Look at my sig line and I think that says it all.


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I'm an operations supervisor at a local manufacting facility. I can provide advice related to machining and assembly techniques.


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My official profession is finance and insurance, however, I got laid off due to an office closing almost a year ago. For the last year, I've been lounging about, making money playing the trumpet and teaching gun classes.


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I'm a retired claims adjuster (appraiser). Now I work part time in a body shop writing estimates. I think I retired too early, boredom was the culprit. Word of warning, you can't wait to retire but once you do (age 51) it wasn't long before it was time to go back.


I am a carpenter/contactor. I build during the sumer season and float tube with my flyrod. I clean driveways during the winter season and ski as much as possible.

All of us hoplophobes should get along just fine. (hope I spelled that right)


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well I guess you could say I'm in the feeding business, I raise trukey's for Butterball.

Been here 10 years and sent off well over a million birds, we raise 13 to 16 pound size. get 33,000 per flock every 9 weeks

Makes it nice to be out here on the farm, I can just shoot when I want,


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I am a production supervisor in a marschino cherry plant. Have been there 20 years, we produce 2.6 million pounds of them every month.
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Finance Manager for automotive captive finance company...GM has GMAC, Ford has FMCC, Toyota has TMCC and Nissan has NMAC...I work for NMAC. :D

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