West Virginia to offer Hunter Safety in Schools

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Hooray for West Virginia!

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West Virginia Governor Signs Hunter Safety Education Bill

April 7, 2008 (West Virginia)

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin III has signed a bill helping to ensure the state’s continued rich hunting heritage.

Signed into law on April 1, Senate Bill 9 directs the West Virginia Board of Education to develop a hunter safety program for use in the state’s public schools.

The program, which will be conducted by an instructor certified by the Division of Natural Resources, may be offered over a two-week period to students in grades six through twelve. The program can be part of physical education classes, the general education curriculum or offered to students at the end of the school day.

Participation in the program is voluntary for students and anyone not wanting to take part will participate in another educational activity.

That's great! I had a hunters safety course in school in the mid to late eighties. I think we all had fun and nobody got hurt.

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