Utah CFP instructors - what is your average class size?


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Just wondering how often you do a Utah CFP class and what your average class size is.....if you care to share what you charge, I'd be interested in hearing that as well.

Utah CFP Classes

I teach about 1 to 2 classes a week. I am limited by my city to 6 people per class if I hold it in my house. If I go to a student's house to instruct a group, there is no limit. Even then, I like to keep my classes small, because the students learn more and they get a lot more hands on. I know some of the larger places (sporting goods stores, gun stores, etc) have ENORMOUS classes that are only 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. I guarantee the students in those classes aren't getting their money's worth. Call me crazy, but I want the people next to me in line, at the stop light, at the library, etc. who are carrying, to be knowledgeable about the laws and know how to use their firearm properly.

My classes usually average about 8-10 people, but I normally am teaching in people's homes. I require five students to commit before I set up a class.

Largest class I've had is around 30.
I teach several times each month. The class fee depends on the student's level of firearms familiarity. If they're experienced firearms users and can show evidence to my satisfaction (current active military certification, retired military and can demonstrate familiarity, recent NRA Pistol class, etc.), the fee would be $75. That includes all classroom materials (currently UT BCI requires that I provide the complete class outline to students). The classroom materials and handouts usually cost me around $10 per student to print and prepare. I also do the fingerprinting and photographs for my students. Only additional fee for the students will be the actual permit fee of $65.25 and any notary fees if their notary charges a fee.

Students who have no "hands on" firearms experience will be taught the "NRA Basic Pistol" or "First Steps Pistol" (depends on my personal opinion of the student's needs) as well as the required UT BCI class once the NRA portion is complete. This class runs anywhere between $100 - $300 (depending on the calibers being fired and time spent on the range). Additional costs are as above, $65.25 to UT BCI and any notary fees. Minimum time for this class is 10 hours, and can be done in one day, or in some cases over two days, which usually consists of a "classroom day" and a "range day".

Class size varies from 1 - 30 students. If I'm instructing any more than 5 students, I'll have adequate AIs' assisting me.


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