Two interesting House Bills and one Resolution In South Carolina

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1. To allow carrying a handgun under the seat of your vehicle.

2009-2010 Bill 3298: Handgun - South Carolina Legislature Online

2. Amendment to our Constitution to proclaim that hunting, trapping, and fishing and the taking of wild animals, birds, and fish are a valued part of our heritage and shall be forever preserved for the people.

2009-2010 Bill 3483: Wildlife and fish - South Carolina Legislature Online

3. I love this one. To change the CC laws name from 'Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1996 to South Carolina Well-Regulated Militia Act'. If the Feds tries to do away with the States right to allow CC then they will have a hard time doing it to us. We will be the Well-Regulated Militia as stated in the 2A.

2009-2010 Bill 3652: Subject not yet available - South Carolina Legislature Online

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Date Body Action Description with journal page number
3/3/2009 House Introduced and read first time HJ-6
3/3/2009 House Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-6

It was sent to committee probably to die. Since there has been no action on it and I didn't see any committee action on it I would say that there is little chance of it coming back to life unless someone remembers it and gets some action going. They do have until next May to revive it . :wacko:
Yes it's pretty dead in committee. It doesn't have a hight enough priority so it may or may not be revisited. If I get a chance I'll ask around and see if they feel it will ever get a vote.

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