This is why you should keep your gun on you.


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I feel bad for this guy but, is why I keep my gun on my person and not just in my car. I hope this hypertext works. Rent from my phone.

Stranded motorist robbed on Detroit freeway


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Police are on the lookout for two men who preyed on a stranded motorist this morning. The man says his mini-van overheated on westbound I-94 between Cadiux and Harper.

He pulled to the side and says within seconds two men ambushed him to perform a highway robbery.

The driver tells Local 4 that he takes I-94 to work each morning and fears breaking down on the side of the road. He carries a gun in his van for protection but says the men told him if he reached for his gun they would kill him.

The robbers got away with that gun and the man's cash.

Michigan State Police are investigating.

Seems like the only thing you can do in these situations is to keep an eye on your mirrors and watch for people who approach your car. I'd also get out my of car if people pulled over and approached my car. Rather than be trapped in your car, get out beforehand and allow yourself to have more options- running away, finding cover, and of course, being able to make a better shot (if needed) than you would be able to if you were stuck in your car.


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Gun on person + situational awareness = more & better options.

I second that! He should of either had his weapon on him , or completely out of sight....If someone gains control of your weapon and crime is committed with it (such as a murder) you are liable. It's our duty as ccw holders to make double sure no one has access to our gun at any time.Granted there are extenuating circumstance, but this wasn't one of them.

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