Things that make you go hmmmmm......

I'm wondering how a gun simply "goes off".

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Was it in his holster and climbed out or laying around and got up and shot on its own? If I were a betting man I would bet he, they were doing something they should not have.
For some reason I bet if it was one of us it would have said "Concealed carry permit holder tries to murder fellow permit holder."

While I do believe it is possible for some guns to malfunction and fire accidently, I do not believe they will do this in the holster unhandled.
hmmmmmmm at least it was'nt two innocent kids this time:sad:. it's hard to understand how these things happen.
Uhhh... yeah. About that? Yeah. I think said police officer was doing something he shouldn't have been with that gun.
Not likely the gun fired itself while holstered as the other officer was hit in the chest . . . must have jumped out of the holster somehow . . . dang those guns that go off by themselves--they give a bad name to all the others, you know, the well behaved ones that don't fire until the trigger is pulled.
Just another sterling example of why only experts should be allowed to handle guns!:poep:
Imagine this - The officer who had the "self-firing" gun was demonstrating a hand stand and somehow the gun went off. Looking at various LEO duty rigs, this is the only way I can see the other officer getting shot in the chest. :eek:

Just goes to show that all holsters should have a retention strap. If they don't (just ask any gungrabber) the gun is capable of jumping out of the holster and start shooting at people.
And that just about covers it

What more can I say you all have covered it very well. I must say I agree with you all.
Thank goodness the bulletproof vest stood between stupidity and life and death. There obviously is more to this story than is being reported. Unless I'm missing something, holstered guns, whether loaded or unloaded, don't just simply fire on their own. Period.
I guess one thing we all need to remember is to take the spring out of our holsters before putting our firearm in it... I don't even know why they put those springs in there in the first place...
Everyone knows what happen and I think there's a serious lesson to be learned here, for LEO and citizen alike. NEVER put your finger in the trigger guard unless you want to pull the trigger. If he wasn't wearing a vest, he might be dead and no one would be laughing.:sad:

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