Test your reaction time...

Game Over
Your Score: 675
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:603.04ms
Black Unarmed:683.24ms
White Armed:581.96ms
White Unarmed:637ms

Shot one good guy and got shot once.:sad:

Your Score: 750
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:509.84ms
Black Unarmed:582.32ms
White Armed:537.6ms
White Unarmed:572.08ms

What is the signicance of the reaction times?

This is similar to what we use here, but we just look at reaction times between armed/unarmed not the race perspective.

Your Score: 665
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:582.48ms
Black Unarmed:726.28ms
White Armed:594.56ms
White Unarmed:670.4ms

Yeah, I don't care if they're black or white, don't think I even noticed on most of them. Good exercise. :)
Game Over
Your Score: 635
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:565.6ms
Black Unarmed:659.04ms
White Armed:557ms
White Unarmed:657.64ms

I'm with mom. I was paying more attention to there hands.
I am with Mom and Kimber PB too. I looked at the hands and why only blacks and whites. Did not do so well but had a time with the keyboard only 565. Mom like the new Avatar.
Mom like the new Avatar.

Thanks, tried to find a better picture of the candy cannon, but couldn't find one so settled for this instead. I'm not usually on the receiving end of a camera, had to pull this out of a video of me shooting at a mountain man event.
Average day

Your Score: 635
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:590.8ms
Black Unarmed:666.6ms
White Armed:605.44ms
White Unarmed:648.6ms

Man I gotta practice! This test is tough!:h:
Game Over
Your Score: 550
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:741.96ms
Black Unarmed:811.68ms
White Armed:667.28ms
White Unarmed:712.76ms

I want to take it again another day, I'm a little under the weather today.
Did it dizzy with a 101 temperature. lol.

Game Over
Your Score: 540
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:621.6ms
Black Unarmed:801ms
White Armed:663.2ms
White Unarmed:758.6ms

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