survival skill challenge #5


God Bless Our Troops!!!
what is your favorite feild expeditient shelter and how do you build it?

I prefer lean-to's.
I live in Oregon, so there's plenty of wood around here. When we go camping, sometimes we just bring a couple blankets, and make a big lean-to. Tents are too luxurious. :biggrin:
Lean-tos work for me. Constructed of Tarp or Poncho preferably, but I've built 'em from branches and leaves or grasses, too.
I've built lean-tos with palmetto fronds on top. We have plenty in FL. They also give that tropical look, so you feel like you're camping in Cambodia. Feels like it in the summer, too.
favorite field shelter is a tent that I hope to have with me. I like something that can keep uninvited things from sharing my sleeping quarters. If I did not have the tent however I would say a lean to because it is pretty simple to construct.
Who knows...those uninvited things might end up being good midnight snacks. :laugh:

If it has SIX legs, it's edible. More legs are risky, less legs take more prep work. :laugh:

A survival school instructor once told me that the difference between "what you will eat" and "what you won't" is about 24 hours. :biggrin:
depends on what you have .....

if i have a tent i use that. if you have a good tarp, the possibilities are endless. but if i lost my ruck somehow, a lean to with a reflector fire is pretty comfortable. but you know ol' boris. i aways try to have something with me. even a trash bag can b use to help construct shelter. why i carry a big roll in the van
My wife saw this thread. She said, "Holiday Inn is a field expedient shelter." :sarcastic:

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