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I will not allow anyone to discuss anything illegal on this site. I just deleted a thread about carrying illegally. This site if for information about LEGALLY carrying and I want to keep it that way. I am also liable for things posted on this site.

I will be posting some general rules in the next few days.

Thank you Luke. This resource is far too valuable to let it become a target for anti-2A media zombies. We'll win the old-fashioned way, by kicking the anti's butts at the Supreme Court.


As long as you're talking about staying on the straight and narrow, just what was the avatar that you removed? Don't want to see it, just curious. Was somebody really out of line?

I believe that Luke wants this to be a family and female friendly site. The avatar that was removed was a woman in a bikini carrying an EBR. It certainly wasn't graphically pornographic in nature but it also was not 'family friendly' either. Luke is going to put some rules into place soon and then we'll all know where we stand.

USA Carry rocks!
Great work Luke myfriend.
Great caution in the next step of growth for this site.
What you are about to do has been the downfall of some sites and the salvation of others.
PDO went by the wayside because of to few rules. IMO
THR is not enjoyable because of too many rules too much moderation. IMO
I could go on and on.
This is indeed a fork in a difficult road.
I deleted the other thread someone started about finding the other old thread. I really don't want search engines picking my site up for some bad keywords. I don't really think this is overmoding.
In ancient times, those skilled in warfare made themselves invincible and then waited for the enemy to become vulnerable.

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter 4: Formation
We all have a great interest in keeping this site going in the right direction. Posting on illegal carry and other off color stuff does not belong here and is not part of the intention of this valuable resource.

On our California site we get questions regarding skirting the laws. Most members point out the fact the it is against the law to proceed in an incorrect direction and discourage the poster. Inevitably the post is locked. This shows those who would make such inquries realize it is a lost cause and we strongly discourage breaking the law and trolls.

I do sincerely hope this site maintains it's integrety. I also hope that excessive moderation is unnecessary as we should discourage and report off color posts to admin.

I think we're all behind you on this, Luke. There are always going to be those who would want to bend the rules . . . nipping them in the bud is the way to go.
I think we're all behind you on this, Luke. There are always going to be those who would want to bend the rules . . . nipping them in the bud is the way to go.

Agreed ! There ALWAYS has to be someone trying to iceskate uphill. Consider my eyes aware, as I am sure most everyone here. It's a nice site, keeping it that way behooves us immensely.
I am all for keeping this site clean and family friendly. I want to be able to share it with others knowing that if children or anyone for that matter checks us out they will not find objectionable materal.
administrative duties

I am reminded of a qoute from yrs. ago"a democracy is the luxury of a peoples ability to govern themselves",Scott
I noticed

that you've been deleting the porn notices as fast as you can. I am in full agreement regarding anything remotely looking like an endorsement to illegal activities (carrying, weapons, etc.). Instructions on how to's and the like would definitely be in that category!

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