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I've been having fun with the Sig Sauer Mosquito. It's a fun gun to shoot; my 8 year old son (with close guidance from Dad) can handle it. Cheap to shoot $6.50 per 100 for the CCI ammo!!! (.357 gets expensive). I've been having very good luck with the CCI Mini Mag 22LR Ammo PN# 030 and 031. 1 FTF last trip to the range with 300rds. The FTF was due to one box of CCI PN# 030 with too much wax on some of the rounds. I scraped some of the excess wax off and the rest fed better. Oh Yea, getting to the question:
I would like to run some CCI stingers PN# 050 through the Skeeter just to see how they feel and perform. So here are the questions...
1. Has anyone tried them in the Mosquito? (They are loaded a little hotter at 1600+ fps)
2. If so how did it handle them, and
3. Was the stiffer recoil spring needed? (Darker spring)

I like the PN#031 with 1260fps velocity over the 030 1235fps velocity. Little more snap less wax on the round.
Anyone who has tried the PN#050 stinger in the Skeeter please let me know any thoughts and comments on performance.
Also any other ammo recommendations that have been found to work well with this firearm let me know please.

Thanks in advance

I'd recommend reading the owner's manual. If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the owner's manual, then email or call (I prefer sending an email so I'll have a written respose) to find out what ammo is safe for your firearm.

The email response from Sig was positive. That ammo will be fine as long as I use the heavy recoil spring. Next trip to the range I'll try it...
I use nothing but the CCI Mini Mag for my Sigie Mosquito.

I now have both of my guns named.

Rugie and Sigie.

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