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Does anyone use shoulder holsters on a regular basis? Do you recomend any particular one? Pros and cons? I'm cosidering trying a shoulder holster and thought I'd try to find out what someone who has already been there and done that thinks.

Used them in the service. But not now.

Seems to me the holster designs of late have come a long way, what with pocket holsters, IWB tuckable/cantable, etc.
Shoulder holsters are an option - but sooo passe'. :pleasantry:
Being pretty little and skinny, my IWB looks pretty huge if I even try to tuck my shirt in even the slightest bit. I am interested in where this is going.
Carried in a shoulder holster regular for 25 years on the job, and now, retired with CHL. I always used and like Don Hume shoulder rigs with horizantal carry, ballanced with mags or speedloaders on the other shoulder. The holster can also be worn on a belt should you choose, saving the expense of another holster.
As a civilian, it is easier in weather needing a jacket of course. However you can carry other times of the year with either a sport coat, or a vest from places like Concealed Carry Clothiers which makes vests for concealed carry for all seasons. One advantage of a shoulder rig is in a car. You can easily get to your gun with the seat belt on should you be in such a trapped situation. Another that most don't think about is, where do you put that waist gun when you sit down in a public bathroom? It's real embarrasing to have it hit the floor or fall in the toilet. Shoulder carry - problem solved
Saltcreek brings up some good points. I have a Ted Blocker horizontal rig with dual mag pouches that works real well. A good shoulder rig allows you to carry and conceal a full sized firearm and two extra mags very easily and comfortably. I'm sure they aren't for everyone but can definitely a good option.
I have two. A Galco Miami Vice and one from custom holster maker Andrews out of FL. Both are very well made holsters but I really do not find any shoulder holster very comfortable. Plus they were not made for the gun I now carry most often so they are not used much.
I bought a shoulder rig cuz I thought it would be cool, and I do really like it. I have one from High Noon Holsters, I cant remember the name of the model, but it is not the real leather one. It's made from a synthetic, but is quite durable. They are great for driving long distances, and are really the only holster design that will allow you to get to your gun without taking off your seatbelt, also most models make it possible to draw the firearm with your weak hand (takes some practice). I have found no problem with concealment when using an unbuttoned overshirt. I think it depends on how you wear the gun though. most people have the gun hanging quite low, almost to belt level, I have mine under my armpit, about mid-chest level. This allows for my arm to cover any possible printing and keeps the gun from swinging out away from my body, also you pretty much have to have a strap holding the holster to your belt, otherwise the gun will be swinging all over the place and it is difficult to draw.
Shoulder rigs do take a good amount of practice to learn to draw from properly. You need to disengage the retention device and pull the gun straight out, which is difficult to do because of the angle you will be pulling from. Just some things to consider...also make sure you get one that has 2 magazine pouches on the other side to balance the rig.
I have a Galco Jack Ass rig for my Glock 30 and wear it often in the winter months. I really like it.
I have two Galco shoulder rigs, one for 1911s and one for Glocks. I like this as an alternative to belt carry. One thing I really like is how easy it is to shed the whole rig. I walk to the courthouse often and cannot carry into the courthouse. It is nice to be able to ditch the whole rig in seconds without messing around with a belt. Also, it is a very, very comfortable way to carry for extended periods, particularly compared to IWB. I don't mind IWB, but shoulder rig carry is more comfortable for long periods.
I generally use both a shoulder sling and a belt rig; I make my own holsters, and form them to the pistol they will be used with. I always carry my largest piece in the shoulder sling because, especially with mags or speed-loaders on the other side, they tend to distribute the weight of a big pistol mote evenly. A Ruger Super Red Hawk .44 Mag or a Hi Point .40 or .45 can really put some stress on your waist, affecting your gait and causing you to compensate for the extra weight, causing more back strain than I care for. Plus, as noted by others, you can draw from just about any position or circumstance with a shoulder sling, whereas a belt holster can get tied up pretty easily, is less comfortable (I hate having a big chunk of metal/plastic digging into my side when I sit a certain way). There are actually holsters on the market designed strictly for driving; I guess you change whenever you exit the vehicle.

Always anchor both sides of your shoulder sling to your belt; they tend to swing and want to go with the piece when you draw it, which can be, at the very least, embarrassing, even if it doesn't get you killed. Horizontal or vertical depends on the pistol; you probably wouldn't carry a 7" barrel horizontally, but an Officer's Model 1911 or even a Beretta M92 work nicely worn sideways instead of up and down. The higher you carry it, the better, as long as you can clear your armpit on the draw. I've also found a shoulder sling to be faster on the draw carried concealed; for me, belt holsters ride too high for a fast draw. I'm building an angled across-the-stomach holster right now; unless I miss my guess, this will be faster than anything. Think about Hickok's red sash. Not as concealable as some prefer, but definitely fast when built right.

Bottom line? It's a matter of personal choice, and i prefer a shoulder sling. Thanks. kbv
I tried them when I was a new detective but they are really easy to spot under a light jacket or coat. The first time I went into a shady establishement to meet an informant the door person told me I could come in but I had to check my gun (at least he just thought I was bad guy with cheap holster rig). I also found that they can become uncomfortable wearning them for long perioids of time, but having said that I do use them for hunting with heavy pistols as they protect the weapon and keep it high and dry. I also like to take my jacket off when I'm in the car and you really should not do that if you are wearing a should holster. I also had a friend wearing an expensive shoulder holster under a fatigue jacket in a bar shooting pool who bent over to shoot the ball and the 1911 fell out on to the table - nice way to make new friends.
I use a shoulder rig most of the time. It is a horizontal orientated setup and I have a 1911 Gov model. (I'm a rather large guy) I do however recommend getting the vertical kind as this would help with concealment. The rig itself is rather comfortable but the belt strap can be a hassle if you have to really use the restroom :biggrin:
I carried for a while with a shoulder rig and I basically found it to be quite comforable (I'm a large guy). My problem was coming to work and having take the thing on and off several times a day as I went in and out of the office. I didn't want clients (especially new ones) coming into my office and there I am all holstered up. As someone else mentioned, I do use it a bit for my bigger weapons (e.g., 1911) if I'm in a situation where I can keep it concealed or if I don't care who sees it (I'm more and more into open carry, just not in my office). I now carry a .45 XD in a Mernickle slide holster; now, I come to work, put my weapon in the desk drawer and away we go. If I leave the office on an errand, simply insert gun into slide, grab jacket and boogie. Nobody notices the slide on my belt; it's pretty innocuous. If they do, they probably think it's a holder for something other than a firearm. My .02 cents.
Galco Miami Classic II for each carry gun. G30 and a full size 1911. Very comfortable for long drives and when wearing a suit. More comfortable than any IWB of any brand IMO.

Plus if you wear a pastel tee short with it you can look like Don Johnson.

Perhaps you should carry a 10mm. :biggrin::biggrin:

Funny you should say that. I couldn't find a Bren 10 so got a G29 yesterday. It's the same frame as my G30 so all my holsters will work

Now gotta find that pastel tee shirt...


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