Semi-retired and want a job in a gun shop


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I have recently retired from a job I held for years and I would like to find a job now that I actually enjoy. My first thought is working in a gun shop. I see some really marginal clerks in the local gun stores which makes me wonder how they got hired. I am looking for advice on how to go about finding work in a gun shop. Any job seeker advice would be appreciated.


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Go into the store and check it out. See if you can tell who the owner/manager is, and talk to them. I wouldn't get into the whole "marginal clerks" thing, but stay upbeat and tell them about yourself, your work history and your interest in finding part-time work as a retiree. After Christmas season hiring might be kind of tough, but whatever happens, leave on a positive note and check back in with them occasionally if they say they're not hiring right now. I had a similar interest in working in a vintage guitar store as a "youngish" retiree, and it worked out for me. Good luck!


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Huh? It is a retail sales job like any other with the added fact that it would be nice if your experience level with firearms was a bit more than just average. Guess I am being polite but you really need advice? The only thing I can figure in this thread is that you are really asking whether there are any state law issues or training requirements.


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Treat it like any other business venture and sell your positives. Since you are retired hopefully you can afford to work less than 30 hours per week which might be a nice selling point to a business owner. Would you be willing to work for a smaller or no pay but get paid more on commission from your sales? I know what you are talking about when it comes to marginal clerks hopefully you can find something that suits you. I would avoid saying anything negative about their current employees as that puts their decisions in a negative light.


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You will have to have or be able to obtain a FFl lic. To sel, buy or trade guns even in Walmart.

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