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Hi fellow gunners, my first post here.
I received my CCW recently and am still waiting on my cc gun to arrive at my local gun shop in Mebane, NC.
I ordered a S & W 340 PD back in June and it has still not come in. However, they have a 340 M&P with Crimson Trace they are willing to make an even swap since I have waited so long. I'm not sure if I want to do this. I have some questions about the Crimson Trace laser sight.

Any overall opions are greatly appreciated but these are my initial concerns..
battery life
accuracy of laser
finding a holster for it

If you have experience with these two guns and can address my concerns I would be very grateful. Thanks!
Thomis from NC

Take the Crimson Trace, it has a higher value. If you are not happy with the laser grips you can switch grips ans have a regular 340. Battery life is more than sufficient, it's only used when you are going to shoot unlike a flashlight which is on extended times. The laser is adjustable just like adjustable sights to your point of impact for the load you are using. The grips are not really any more bulky than the Unkle Mikes they are using on other J frames, but are more bulky than the minamalist old wood service stocks. The grips have no bearing on the holster, and whatever you were going to use for the 340PD will fit.
Saltcreek is absolutely right. Take the Crimson Trace! If I had that offer...I'd take it in a hot second but I never get that lucky. :smile:
The 340PD is a good choice! I'd definitely take the offer of CT Grips on that other 340PD....can't go wrong. I have a 340PD that I bought back in 2002, with nice cocbolo grips that I ordered from Craig Spegel in Oregon. If I had the option back then of CT grips I may have taken it. However, I love the looks of 340PD with those beautiful wood grips. Best of luck and congrats!
Take the deal - the M&P weighs one ounce more than the PD version - you'll never notice it. However, you don't state if the M&P is new or used. If new - fine - if not new, then very carefully check it out. I bought a supposedly brand new 360PD from a dealer at a gun show, popped the box open when done with the paperwork, looked good - went home and put it away. Went to install a set of crimson trace a couple weeks later so I could start carrying it - took the gun out for the first time and looked it over and noticed the gun had been fired and that the cylinder face was flame cut/eroded (on a 'new' gun!!). Contacted the dealer who told me 'tough'. After a bunch of emails and finally complaining to S&W about this dealer - finally sent it back to Smith for them to look at and 'repair' if possible - Smith destroyed the gun as damaged beyond repair (cracked frame - which I did not see) and sent me a new serial numbered gun as a replacement. So - check carefully.

The crimson trace is good to have, esp on these very lightweight guns - but master it and know when it just might fail. Learn to shoot the gun with and without the use of the laser. And, you can, as said previously, always buy a different set of grips.
Got it, love it.....

I own the 340 CT, and it has become my every day carry (usually in a front pocket!). I had a friend buy the same revolver without the CT grips, so we had an opportunity to do some head-to-head testing. Long story short: He ended up buying a set of CT grips.:laugh:
I'm holding off. I'm stubborn. I want the 340 PD! It was the gun I chose back in June when I was hard looking. Picking it up tomorrow. Thanks for the responses.

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