S&W Model 642 Airweight


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I just returned from a trip from Maryland through West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. I have CCW permits from Virginia, Utah, Florida and New Hampshire. These permits are not recognized in my home state or in West Virginia and South Carolina but they are recognized by the others. I carried the S&W 642 in a pocket holster in my jeans (where it was permissible to do so). It was loaded with Hornady Critical Defense .38 Special ammo (5 rounds). With a shirt worn outside the trousers it was completely concealed and the pistol is so light weight that you almost forget you have it. I found that for summer carry with very light clothing in hot weather, the S&W 642 is a good choice.

Welcome to the site, sapper5! You can't beat a S&W 'J' frame for CC. I have a few and I like carrying them every once in a while. Even though my main carry is a Kahr PM45 I still love my wheel-guns.
Ditto Red Hat. S&W J Frame snubbies are hard to beat. I often carry my 340PD (.357) in my pocket as a primary or back up. In my left pocket, I carry 2 speed strips with .357 mag. Fifteen rds of .357 is hard to beat whether it be for back up or primary.
My 642 uses the Hornady Critical Defense ammo - I also have the Crimson Trace. I think the combo is great.
Even though my wife has a Glock the gun she carries is a 642. My son and also my daughter carry one as well.
Thanks for the tip on the speed strips. Speed loaders are too bulky to carry in light clothing. I have ordered to speed strips and am waiting for delivery.

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