RBCD Platinum Blended Metal Ammo

Does anyone out these have any experience and/or confidence with this ammo?

From the experiments I have done with it is seems impressive and feeds well.

From what I've read RBCD used misleading advertising on the blended metal bulets. " RBCD ammunition is conventional lightweight lead-antimony hunting ammunition, coated in molybdenum disulfide (a "molycoat")." There are accounts of handguns blowing up using their ammo. I don't think I'd use it.They don't show the blended metal ammo on their site anymore. RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. Ammunition

Shooting The Messenger: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag...And RBCD is Running Scared...

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Masterguns / RBCD ammo works for me!!!

Tested in five calibers 380/38sp/357/45/38super.My test 1/2 inch plywood, 10 inches behind that,large watermelon,behind that again at ten inches butcherpaper and single ply cardboard.The 380 at 10yards,
drilled the wood without a problem,made an 3inch opening on contact with the melon and coned down to 0 at 8inches of penatration.recoil and controlability was amazing perhaps stepping down a full caliber as to referance.
I must add no fragmentatiion reached the paper.All other calibers fired at 25yrds same target set up,do the math, 38spl 4-5 inch opening wound chanel to 8 inches of penatration cracking melon in thirds for the inches of
pentration.The 357 & 38super 8&10 inch opening wound channel splitting melon in thirds completely once again
no fragmentation found in paper after 10 inches of penetration.The 357 was a 3inch sp101,the controlability was amazing all five in 5 inch group in da rapid fire,did find three very small pieces of brass frag stuck in paper.
The 45 expolded the melon what can I say. In conclusion all rounds suprized me in the fact limited to 8&10 inches of penetration,the absence of pressure spikes that are found in other ammo of this type or claims.
I would add a word of caution!! I would not use this ammo in any weapon with a unsupported chamber!!!
In my opinion this is very lethal stuff be very sure of your target and gun safety.SemperFi

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