Plate carrier?


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I'm looking at getting a plate carrier. Looking at putting in some soft armor Level 3A plates with P.A.C.A Soft trauma plate's behind the soft level 3a armor. Does anyone use this set up? Or have armor?

I was yanking your chain

Blackhawk makes the best plate carriers and they are used extensively by the US armed forces. The trama plates they use are capable of stopping 7.62 Nato FMJ.

The :pleasantry:mall ninja:pleasantry: reference was because at one point the guy is taping plates to himself with duct tape to avoid an imaginary .338 Lapua threat:wacko:
Oh lol that's new to me never seen that. Yeah black hawk makes some good stuff but again they come with out plates. I found a new one over at opsgear and cheaperthandirt sells the same one for less. It can take up to 10X13 plates and has side plate pockets as well. I'm still new to this whole armor thing but the trauma by it's self has no stopping power. I was told the trauma sits behind the soft armor/ hard rifle plates level 3 and level 4. The trauma plate helps spread out the impact of the bullet hit and keeps your chest cavity from collapsing among other things. I'M not going with 360% of protection ( not going to use side plates). Rifle plates are heavy and will cut down on the speed i will be able to move so that's why i was looking at soft armor. Trade offs are it will only stop most handgun rounds and a few rifle rounds ( shotgun). Can pick up front and back plates for around 300. Double that for just one rifle plate.

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