Pick Your poision tons of advice on ammo

hello i just picked up a Beretta Jetfire 950 bs for my collection wanted to knowe what the best Self-defense ammunition for a 25acp would be
thomsares not sure if that was a question or not without a question mark at the end but here is your answer any way:cool: .25 ACP (6.35mm)

The best .25 load is the Hornady 35-gr. XTP-HP round. If it jams, use any Federal, Remington, or Winchester 50 grain ball round. Winchester has an odd 45 gr. "Expanding Point" round that should be OK if it is reliable in your gun (it seems to work fine in Beretta 950 pistols, for example), but don't expect any improvement in performance over the 50 grain ball rounds. The excellent Walther TPH .25 should be loaded with ball.

The Hornady 35 grain JHP should be considered only if it is 100% reliable in your pistol - fire 200 rounds through your gun to see. Ed Sanow recommends the MagSafe 22 grain "Defender" and Glaser 40 grain Safety Slug.

A remarkable combination of superstition, hysterics and some accurate and reliable info. Sorting it all out is tricky, much better sources of info elsewhere.

"Opinions by Anonymous" is a good clue to avoid this if you're new to the topic. Highly opinionated piece.

-Ayoob's book is supposed to be good, but several firearms instructors also say that its dated.
-Fackler was a surgeon and DOES NOT just base his opinons on gelatiin alone.
-Ayoob was a small town cop and never involved in any actual shootings. He's also made money as a writer of some pieces with a bit of theater to them and has started at least one internet myth, repeated here as "never use reloads for self defense ammo". A predjudicial, blanket statement, call all reloads junk, when in fact some people can make better reloads than factory ammo. Personally, I've never had my own reloads fail, but have had a Federal factory round squib.
-Saying one should only carry HP ammo, period. JSP's will expand just fine and don't have a HP to clog with denim.
-HP ammo IS more lethal than ball ammo, for the devestation it causes, but that's not a bad thing if its what it takes to stop an assailant, and i'm not "worried about my attacker's safety".
-There is no shortage of moral, legal complications and expense" you will experience from wounding a man as opposed to killing him. What minimizes all that is if you are justified in shooting. Guns and ammo arent what change those factors.
-Idiotic blanket statements about "never use 147gr ANYTHING" show a remarkable lack of experience in firearms.

I could go on but lets just say its safer to find info elsewhere.

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