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  • Hi there Doc, I just moved to Indy a couple of weeks ago (going to dental school here). What are the good gun shops to go to here? Ive only been to Don's Guns and they seem to have everything WAY overpriced.
    Hey! If you don't mind me asking, what did you do in the Navy? I was looking at your ribbons and noticed a NAM, National Defense, Sea Service, Expeditionary Unit and a few others. I was CH-46E flightline mechanic and worked phase crew for HMM-268. I spent some time aboard the U.S.S. Pelelieu back in '95-96 while we were in the gulf. I can't say I miss general quarters and field days though. Unlike some jarheads, I never had beef with anyone in the Navy. The airwingers never really got into that non-sense. Well anyway, I always like to meet other service members when I join these forums.

    I just requested you to be added to my friends list.

    I see you have a 40 cal XD, I just bought the 9mm XDm.

    It shoots alot better than the old 1911 45cal. I shot in the Army.

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