PascalFlesichman's Take on Pediatrics and Guns


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Well, I've seen it for years, but have never had the opportunity to experience it myself. Now that we have little Mr. Flesichman, we went for our first pediatrician visit. Well, with the requisite paperwork for new patients was their "medical history" questionnaire. You know, the standard family history thing, plus a home questionnaire.

Do you have an age appropriate carseat? CHECK
Do you have smoke detectors at the house? CHECK
Is your child exposed to second-hand smoke? CHECK
Do you keep firearms in the house? WTF?!?!?!?!?! WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS?!?!?!!

So I got to brewing and stewing about I decided to write, "NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS".

I'm sure they take that to mean "YES", but I didn't care. I just sat there hoping like hell they'd say something about it. Dissapointingly, they didn't.

I hope someone does, though.

That's an AMA schtick. I was talking with my doctor just today about this. He says fewer than 20% of physicians are members of the AMA...that they don't represent most doctors, they only represent the AMA! Don't worry about it.
Doctor's office questionaires...

Sorry, I know it's not funny but I just had to laugh anyway because it reminded me of when, after my first hubby passed away, I had a doctor's appointment with a gastroenterologist. One of the questions on the form was: what is your marital status? WTF??? What on earth does that have to do with taking a look up my backside??? Sheesh!
that really is none of their business at all. I wonder if it just might be better to check "no" and leave it at that?
"Sheeple" put no......

I know it's one of those "choose your battles" kind of thing, but I figure if I make a stink about it now, it'll at least lay the groundwork for later. At least make it a teaching lesson for the little guy for later to know what things are and are not others' business.
I have a friend that is a doctor and he has little use for the AMA. By the way he has guns, a CHL and small children.

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