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Im gonna be gettin a Sig 556 swat soon, and have a couple of questions about optics. As it is right now eotechs, and aimpoints are slightly out of my price range. Are there some other good quality red-dot/halographic sights you guys like that will hold up and work well? I was looking at some Bushnell red-dots but I dont know how durable they are, so if anyone has any experience with them please let me know what you think.

Any help would be appreciated, since this will be my first "black rifle"

Hey CompShooter. I have an EOTech on my AR and absolutely love it. I set zero a few years back and other then replacing the batteries a couple times it's always been dead on.

If you're looking for something to get you by until you get the money for an aimpoint/eotech look at BSA red dot. Super cheap but my dad (KimberRB) put one on his AR15 and has had good luck with it. It should hold you over till you get your other optics.
First of all, congratulations on getting yourself a battle rifle! It's important for the good guys to be well equipped and ready for anything, because when SHTF we need to be the last ones standing, not scumbag criminals.

I have even had good luck on cheap Chinese $40 red dots, but whatever you decide I would highly recommend getting a flip-up BUIS. I picked up a Pro-Mag for around $40-$50 if I remember right, and installed trijicons on it. Best gun accessory I've ever invested in, IMHO
+1 Cooter! I have an A.R.M.S buis on mine. It's a great rear flip up sight but a little pricey at $100.
I use a Millet DMS-1 1-4 power illuminated reticle scope. Works great, takes a lot of abuse and costs just a little over $200. I also use the same model scope on my AR15.
EoTech Clone

I too would like an EOTech but can't seem to get over the high $$$$ they want for the sight. I found this website that sells clones of the EOTech for under 100.00 bucks. Don't know if they are worth it but the photos sure look good. They are from China of course but the company that imports them is somewhere in Kansas. I might have to take the risk and order one of these to try it out. If it performs well then it may be a great deal. The website is Midwest Optics. If you get one before I do, let us know how it runs.

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