One Dies After Tenn. Church Shooting


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I guess nobody was packing heat. When will people learn there is no such place as a "safe place".

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One Dies After Tenn. Church Shooting
Congregation Holds Suspect Until Police Arrive

UPDATED: 1:02 pm CDT July 27, 2008

Up to seven people were shot Sunday at a Unitarian church in Knoxville, Tenn, and one person died.

Knoxville television station WBIR reported that church members tackled the suspect and held him until police arrived.

WBIR also quoted Knoxville City Councilman Joe Hultquist as saying one person died and five others were in critical condition, though reports varied on how many people were in critical condition. reported that 12 people with minor injuries were treated at the church.

A church member told the media that the suspect was not connected to the church. He also said that the shooting happened as children were performing parts of the musical "Annie" during a regular service.

None of the children were believed to have been injured.

The incident took place at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

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So tragic. So useless. Is TN a state where you are forbidden to carry in church? Offends God, I guess. Who, if I remember correctly, enjoined us all to value his gift of life by defending it.
Here in Texas is on the list of places you are not supposed to carry. However for it to be binding a church has to have the proper sign as designated by the state posted at all entries. I doubt if many do. I carry every time I am in church. There were a number of people killed at Wedgwood baptist church here in the late 1990's.
In Virginia, you cannot carry in a church unless there is good cause. Hey "Self Defense" is good cause for me, so I carry there without asking.
Someone who needs to be sent to his maker for re-education and attitude adjustment.

That's exactly what I was thinking too!
I looked on the TN state page and discovered that churches are not off limits to lawful concealed carry. It's funny, but church carry is something that my brother and I disagree on, but maybe if I show him this article, he'll change his mind. Every time we go to church he leaves his gun in the car and I take mine with me, and he criticizes me for doing so, saying things such as, "Guns have no place in the house of the Lord." I always respond that the gun is merely an object, and if someone walks in trying to harm me, the fact that it's the Lord's house, by itself, is not going to protect me.
We had implemented a security plan this past year at our congregation. There are two of us that are always armed, and one of us is always near the entrance to the sanctuary. Both of us are trained.

Florida is not an issue, but I am on staff so therefore even if it were a problem, it is considered my place of business and legal.

I am in the process of developing security protocols that can be put in place in order to identify possible threats like this, and avoiding loss of life.
It is a sad state of affairs when we even have to discuss the need to carry to protect those in the Lord's house. Makes me feel really old. Punks are punks, they need to meet Darwin's list of natural order, a quick removal from the gene pool before they can contaminate it further.
That place doesn't really qualify to be called "the Lord's House". I've just read what they stand for and it makes you think "church of what?".
That place doesn't really qualify to be called "the Lord's House". I've just read what they stand for and it makes you think "church of what?".

Church is a very loose, ambiguous term any more. The point is though that there are scum that would walk in any church, school or other place and gun people down. The sad fact is we are beginning to see this type of thing more and more. There are to many sheeple and not enough sheep dogs and the wolves are having a hay day.
That place doesn't really qualify to be called "the Lord's House". I've just read what they stand for and it makes you think "church of what?".

Not once did I refer to that particular church as the Lord's House. I was referring to my church, a Baptist church.
I would feel uncomfortable carrying in a church...but I'd feel more uncomfortable being hung out to dry if something like this happens

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