Ohio Restaurant Carry Bill in Jeopardy


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The bill passed the Ohio Senate with a big majority but things are not looking good in the Ohio House. Several groups have spoken out against the bill including the Ohio FOP, Ohio Prosecutors Association and the Ohio Restaurant Association.

Although House Speaker William G. Batchelder, R-Medina, said he thinks "it's not a bad idea," the bill does not appear to have the votes for passage in his chamber.

"The last time I saw the head count, it was missing a little something by way of numbers, but not a lot. I'd prefer not to bring something to the floor if it's going to be defeated."

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If Ohio gun owners want this bill passed, they need to be contacting their state representatives.


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Luby's Massacre in Texas, 1991

Does anyone remember the Luby's massacre in Texas? That really got the ball rolling in the right direction down here. The daughter of two victims testified and helped get CHL accessible for law-abiding Texas residents to prevent future tragedies. Sensible gun laws shouldn't restrict firearms, they should punish criminals and not turn citizens into criminals for simply wanting to carry to preempt crime.

Luby's massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Not to be blunt....so the next time I'm in Columbus in the area of Berliner Sports Plex at a restaurant it appears at this point the legsilators want the criminals to have easy access to me, my daughter, our belongings, etc..... after the scare we had last year....hmmm have to think that one over.


I just can't get my head around this whole issue. What's the big issue in these "gun-friendly" states. Even liberal NY allows carry in bars and restuarants.

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