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  • Sorry, I never received any notification that I had a message waiting for me. Here's the email I received:

    "Thank you for your email of Friday May 20 to Joe Guyaux regarding the
    "no weapons" sign in PNC's North Olmstead, Ohio branch. Mr. Guyaux has
    asked me to respond to you on his behalf. The "no weapons" sign was put
    up in this branch in error, and we have since removed it. Thank you for
    bringing this to our attention, and for your long-standing relationship
    with NCB, now PNC.

    Thomas A. Hunley"

    Have them contact Hunley and he will straighten them out.
    "RT48"I saw your post about PNC bank. Any chance you would share that responce from PNC with me? I went there yesterday to open an account and they told me their policy was "no guns". After I pressed them they backed off to they werent sure and would find out.
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