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Are night sights worth the money to have a on a glock for CC use?

That's what I have always thought. But looking at them in a gun shop, they seem like they were kinda hard to see. They were on a Glock 27. Comparing them side by side, the stock fixed sights were easier to see in the store. Could the lights in there be the reason?
See for yourself.

To see the benifit of night sights you need to see regular iron sights and compare them to night sights in a dark area. That is were night sights really shine. Pun intented. Also take a look at laser sights in the dark and you can make a better decision on what is best for your situtation.:secret:
I have night sights on my G27 and love them. Too bad I don't like Glocks or I would carry it daily. :wink:
I've been happy with my meprolite sights. (I think that's how it's spelled) I have them on my G23 which is my everyday carry gun. I love the fact that they glow. I can look on my nightstand and see 3 little dots all night long.
Trijicon or Meprolight. Go with one of those brands, the biggest, and you will be alright. I have heard that most brands use capsules from Trijicon anyway, but I have standard 3 dot trijicon tritiums on my G26 and love them. They are a nicer sight than the stock Glock sights, well regulated, easy to see in daylight, and absolutely glow in low light.

Expect to spend ~$100 dollars to have them installed. It is worth having someone with the right tools do it rather than risking damage to the sights doing it yourself.
Night sights are well worth the extra. I don't know what my old eyes would do without them. As stated before the real benefit is only noticed when it's dark.
I personally have TruGlo TFO's on my XD9sc and I will probably get a set for my G21SF in the near future.

More info: Link Removed

I paid around $78 for the set, and another $40 to have them installed by my local gunsmith.
night sights

Absolutely, positively! I have tritium night sights on my Glock 30. Amazing how they glow in the pitch black!
I'm getting brand new Meprolight sights installed on my G20 (service weapon) for $90. I also just bought the tungsten guide rod and a 20lb replacement spring which will help with recoil.

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