New Senator

Now that our "patriot" (haha YEAHHHHH RIGHT) is gone....we need to elect someone who will actually be good for the Commonwealth. Hope everyone on here will vote when the time comes. We need this!

Glad to hear that his term is up. A higher power has decided this. Now, hopefully the folks of MA will join the rest of the US and ease up on the restrictions (or communist policies) and experience true freedom and liberty!
Cancer is not something I would Wish for on my worst enemy, but, all in all I was Never a fan for ANY of the Kennedy's (during My lifetime). Imagine killing someone and getting away with it because you know people and have the $ to fix the problem/s? I can go on and on and I'm sure You can also.
Back in 65 when adopted the Welfare Bill it was a good idea but since it has gone WAYYY out of control and he did nothing to FIX it. They should leave the Health Care alone and Fix the Welfare. Just My opinion..................
I'm not going to say, I'm glad he is dead, but I'm glad He is out of the picture now. And, sorry for going off topic.
Who do you guys like thus far for the people running? I hope Sen. Brown gets in. He is A+ rated by GOAL. I hope we can get enough people to stand up for their rights.

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