Mossberg 500

Hey guys,

I am going to be doing some "mods" to my 500 soon. I am thinking about going with the Knoxx tactical stock and then some ghost ring combat sights. I was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions. Just curious. Thanks!


Have you thought about a heat shield, shotsshell holder, and a forend pistol grip? I have all those accessories on mine. That's what I like about Mossbergs, the fact that there are all these accessories out there to dress them up.
I am getting a Moss 590 SP. I am putting a 6 shell side saddle on it, as the 590 SP already comes with ghost ring sights i do not need to put them on it. I am putting on a Tactical flash light with a Tri rail mount and i may put on a laser up in the air on it. I also may get some night sites.. I am also putting a Shell holder sling on it, or i may just put a 3 point tactical sling on it IDK yet. Moss has some nice stocks so i may or may not put a Houge stock on it with a recoil pad on it. I was also looking at a M4 style stock with pistol grip but i am not really sure i would like that. So i started looking at side folding stocks and they look sick.
Yeah I love Mossbergs ability to Mod. I like what you guys are doing/did to yours. I am concidering the pistol grip on the pump as well as the heat shield. I can't wait to see what it looks like. Maybe a light up there? I need to see pics haha

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