More ammo for the anti's


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I'm sure the anti's will blame the firearm used....however the family even said "he had a history of mental illness". I'm sorry but if someone wants to kill themselves or others, they will do so by which ever means is available to them. It is very sad, however the reality is bad intentions lay within a person, not the firearm or weapon used.


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The latest guy saw the news coverage and figured this was a good way to do it. The range doesn't want to get sued again, so they stop renting. Nobody outlawed anything, they will just sue it out of existence.


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Twice in one month, Casselberry police had to swarm the Shoot Straight gun range because someone was killed inside. This time a man from Winter Springs shot himself in the head and died.
Why is it necessary for police to 'swarm' a location after the action is over? Is it a way for them to avoid police work while pretending to be doing something? Is it just to impress the TV cameras that they are on the job--right there as soon as there's nothing they can do to help?

Shouldn't the ambulance, coroner, and police whose job entails taking pictures and writing reports be the only people needed?

How many police makes a swarm anyway?

:confused:Shouldn't it be called a drove since they're on the move?


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Same thing happened years ago here, The range changed its policy to only rent weapons to groups of 2 or more persons.

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