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Stumbled upon a new pistol last week. I went to the local gun shop to see about selling/trading a couple of my pistols that I don't shoot very much. I happened to mention to the owner that I would like to find something a little more slim than my CZ RAMI for carry. He pulled out a Kahr CW9 and said, "this is pretty thin. This is my last one." WOW. Thin it is! Well, I traded for it and thought to myself, "this might be a good carry alternative." Fast forward to today. I went to the range for the 200 round break-in that Kahr recommends. Well, 200 + rounds later (mostly WWB 115gr FMJ, but about 80-100 various JHP's) and I am in LOVE. Not a single FTF, FTE during the break-in period. The recoil wasn't bad (definitely less than my S&W 642 w/ .38spl +P's). Shot to point of aim at about 10 yards and really accurate after about 50 rounds. And that trigger! SWEET! Not at all like my 642. Nice and crisp. For my final 20 rounds, I ran through a box of Magtech Guardian Gold 115gr +P JHP's that I'm thinking of carrying. Out of 20 rounds, all 20 inside the 9 ring from 10 yards. I know 20 rounds is a little early to tell, but my Kahr seems to like the Guardian Gold. Anyway, now I guess I'll have to look into changing the screen name to KAHRCW94ME.

Congrats on the new pistol! I don't own a Kahr.... yet... but have shot a few. They are nice pistols and like you said the slim line makes it great for carry. You'll have to post some pics for us to drool over!
I have had a Kahr CW9 for about a year now and it is a great gun. Plenty accurate and reliable, I carry mine in an Alessi ankle rig as my backup gun. The only problem I've ever had, and maybe it's just me, is when the gun is in slide lock, if i stick in a fresh mag and smack the bottom of the mag in with any amount of force, the slide releases on it's own and chambers a round for me. Of course since the next step would have been to release the slide and chamber a round anyway, I guess you could argue that it's not a problem but more of a feature :5:


I also have had a CW9 for about a year. I am very pleased with it. Like you I have never had a ftf or fte or any other issues with it. When I wear dress clothes I carry it in my Smartcarry.
I've allowed 4 people to try my Kahr CW9. 3 of them have since purchased their own. It's an awesome gun. I carry mine mostly as a BUG, but sometimes as a primary firearm when it's hot outside.
Thanks, all. I'm trying to figure out how to post pics, so hopefully I'll have some up soon. I'm currently carrying in my Smartcarry, but I'm looking at either a Crossbreed or a Bear Claw IWB in the near future. I may have sold my dad on the CW9; he shot several mags with it at the range break-in yesterday and was really impressed. He doesn't have his CCW license yet, but I'm working on that too.
I have a Crossbreed for my Sig P250. I have had it for about a month and I really like it. I think the Kahr would work great in it. I have also read good things about the Bear Claw though.
I carry mine in a Bob Mernickle OWB leather holster. It rides nice and high and lays very flat. Most of all, it's comfortable.

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