Machete-Wielding Teens Attack Australian High School; 19 Injured


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Well it looks like the gun ban there did not stop violance.

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This is not the first knife attack in an Australian school. I remember a while back reading about other knife attacks. Another good example that when violent people are set on doing harm it does not matter what's banned or illegal. They are going to use whatever they have available. Be it a bat, knife, sword, pipe, gun, ect.

I am glad to hear no one was seriously injured. Thanks for posting HK
Well that just means they now also have to make everyone turn in their Machetes and Baseball bats.
I don't understand. I thought banning guns would stop all violent crime. People need to understand, that as Kimberpb said, people wanting to commit violent crime will find a way. Almost anything can be used as a weapon.
agreed.. I don't know of a single case where the weapon is to blame for an act of violence. take away their big knives and they still have their boomerangs.
It seams to me the more civilized we become the more uncivilized we are. The one common thread is VIOLENT PEOPLE lets just ban them. :confused22:

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