Latest Self-Defense Shooting in SC


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In the 1/15 issue of the Charleston Post and Courier ( pg. 3B, the sheriff has ruled that a shooting death on a McClellanville road was self-defense. The main point of my post is the fact that the sheriff ruled this self-defense based on investigators who examined all the evidence AND WITNESS STATEMENTS. I learned many things when I took my CCWP class from an experienced Deputy Sheriff, and one of them was the fact that if you are in a confrontational situation, where your firearm might come into play, you should be yelling at the top of your lungs during the entire time not only at the possible slimeball but also at potential witnesses, who can make a big difference in the outcome of any investigation.

A martial artist (who was also a cop) told me this years ago, too. Said that if you were gonna have to defend yourself with possiblly deadly tactics, make a lot of noise before you do, in order to attract witnesses. Funny that I never thought to apply it to CC, til now.
Hey JJ: My CCWP instructor gave as his example you retreating from an altercation (say in a walmart parking lot). In SC you DO NOT have to retreat but it makes sense to do so screaming all the time so everyone in that parking lot can hear you---ALL OF THEM ARE NOW POTENTIAL WITNESSES once you have retreated as far as you can or want to. The retreating gives you the chance to accumulate witnesses.

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