Kite Surfer Feels Fay's Wrath


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This is why it is always wise to stay away from the beach when Tropical Storms or Hurricanes are approaching.

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I don't envy him, but he'll be on YouTube before most of us.

This does not top the guy that was dragged through a parking lot, slamming down a line of parking meters. I don't recall if that person was a kiter, paraglider or 'chuter. I just remember seeing him inadvertently trying to mow down that row of parking meters. And the asphalt? It was a dry day; we're talking street pizza at the very minimum.

I hope the kiter survives and can tell his grandchildren, "Did I ever tell you about the time..."
I could lambast this guy for being an idiot, but instead, I'll just say that he should be thankful to be alive. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.
too much direct sunlight I guess.

You're not trying to justify this are you?

Just kidding of course. Seriously , though, any time people put themselves in harm's way for no good reason, it kinda makes me wonder what is really going on inside their heads. Oh well, I'm no psychologist, so I won't even attempt to. All I can say is that I'll never do anything like this.
I have really been wanting to try this for the last year or so.

The kite surfing without the slamming into the building part of course.

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