Iowa Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information


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In response to vehicle carry, I asked the sheriff in my county about that, and he said that a firearm may be accessible to the driver IF the driver or a passenger has their permit to carry AND that firearm belongs to the permit holder. Otherwise the rules are as usual... inaccessible to driver, unloaded, and in a case of some sort.

I agree with mrjam2jab that your sheriff is blowing smoke. Here just south of you in Missouri we had the same sort of B.S. from anti-gun, anti-armed citizen LEOs when we first passed CCW. Your sheriff is simply trying to negate the law as far as he can by giving you false info about what you can now do.

You don't say what county you're in. The IFC (Iowa Firearms Coalition -- Link Removed) is doing a great job of correcting and/or publicizing these sheriffs so that they can be targeted for defeat in the next election. But they can't do that unless people like you report who the sheriffs are and/or which county they are from. Knowing that one sheriff out of 99 is giving false information is not helpful. It's just complaining for the sake of complaining. Knowing which sheriff is giving out that info is helpful. Then action(s) can be targeted to correct the situation.


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I actually think he was simply mistaken. I'm in Marion County, and Sheriff Goemat has always been a shall-issue sheriff even before the law was passed. He's always issued permits unless he had a legitimate reason not to.


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Is anyone here in Iowa planning to get a " stand your ground" law for Iowans. It would also be nice to have a true "castle doctrine ". I do have insurance that covers justifiable self defense; but it would be nice to have the right to self defense written into law, limiting the liability of those who are forced to exercise their right. I have a great distrust of lawyers and the law. In November we have a good chance of changing the makeup of the Iowa Senate. Less liberal politicians in the Senate will help to regain many of our God given rights that corrupt politians have stolen.


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The IFC tried to get these laws passed this year> They made it through the House with flying colors. The Senate would not bring them up for a vote.


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As I said, this November is absolutely essential that the dominant party in the senate is changed. I hope that we have the momentum to make the change as we did in 2010.

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