If I have a general Discharge am I DQ'ed from getting a CCP?

That was Reba, our former Navy Chief. She's right -- bring the DD-214 with you.

Hard question. You will need to ask your local state police.

If for them "other than honorable" means "other than" honorable then that would be bad news.

My discharge says "honorable discharge" and it came with a letter saying "thank you for your faithful service".

It took 6 years to get it.

The DD214 says nothing of course.

Your DD214 says nothing?

Highly unlikely to be true!
A General discharge does not disqualify the OP from a NC permit because a General Discharge cannot be "under conditions other than honorable" - otherwise it would not be a General Discharge.[/B]


All the people of NC are interested to find out with the question is, was the applicant discharged "Honorably" OR NOT as is written on block 24 of the DD214? -- the details of the latter are irrelevant for state laws. The state care less about the intrinsic values inherited by definitions of General, Other than or anything else that follows as far as character of the discharge. Those are perils to be considered by the military. For NC what counts is:

1. Honorable Discharge = good

2. Anything else = bad

It is that simple folks!

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