I wish that we had more judges like this.


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Judge to Crime Victim: Arm Yourself!
Citing the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling clarifying that individuals have the right to possess firearms to defend themselves, a Tennessee judge advised the victim of an aggravated robbery last week that she should learn how to use a gun for personal protection.


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Good advice. I hope she takes it; I hope a lot of people begin to assert their rights following the Heller decision.
Good advice. Everyone should take responsibility for his or her own safety. LEOs are not our personal bodyguards.
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No they are not and they should not be againest us either. We are all in this together.
Good advice. Everyone should take responsibility for his or her own safety. LEOs are not our personal bodyguards.

Very true. My CCW instructor, who is a retired cop, referred to cops as armed historians. Most of the time they get there after the crimes already over, take a report, then looks for the bad guy. Which is very true, police have a hard job and can not be every where all the time. Which is exactly why I carry. I want to be able to prolong my life long enough for them to get to the scene.
Sorry, you're too late because there actually was another thread recently posted here about this story. Nevertheless, I applaud the judge for having the courage to do the necessary, but politically incorrect thing here. Too many government officials allow political correctness to muzzle and restrain them, for fear of being labeled extremist. Fortunately, this judge isn't one of them.
I like how this judge thinks.

"In referring the victim’s alleged assailant over to the Grand Jury, the outspoken judge noted that citizens should not rely on law enforcement to protect them under all circumstances."

"Moon said that crime in Chattanooga “has become so rampant that it is no longer possible for the police department to protect our citizens.”

Moon did not mention that the the courts have ruled that the police have no duty to protect individuals. People have tried to sue the police for failing to respond to life threatening calls. Those people lost. The police can't be everywhere all the time. Misinformed people believe that the police will protect them. Nothing can be further from the truth.

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