I pay cash for ammunition factory and or reloaded ammo


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I pay cash for all most any kind of ammo
factory and or reloaded
all depends on the price shiped to me

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I may be mistaken but the last time I checked it was illegal to sell reloads. Thats why if a friend wants me to load some bullets for them I make them help with the reloading process. Am I correct about this?
Don't know about that one, Rugerfan....here in TN, there is a factory that reloads brass sent to them by ranges around the state. Maybe there's something along the lines of a licensure procedure, but they do sell reloads here.
Unless your state has a law against selling reloads it's not illegal. If that was the case then Georgia Arms would be out of business.
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Ok,,,,but I've got to much sweat and research wrapped up in my reloads to sell them. Besides when I get to looking at all the ammo I've got loaded I look like Scrouge McDuck when he opens his vault !
It is illegal to sell reloads for a profit without a license. The commercial ammo reloaders such as Georgia Arms have a license.

(H4) Is a person who reloads ammunition required to be licensed as a manufacturer? [Back]

Yes, if the person engages in the business of selling or distributing reloads for the purpose of livelihood and profit. No, if the person reloads only for personal use.

[18 U.S.C. 922(a) (i) and 923(a), 27 CFR 478.41]

ATF Online - Firearms FAQs

And, from page 165 of the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide:

Reloading of used shells or cartridges
is considered manufacturing for
purposes of excise tax. Sale of such
shells by the reloader is subject to the
excise tax. However, if the reloader
merely reloads shells belonging to a
customer and is paid for labor and materials,
the reloading service is not a taxable
sale, as long as the reloader
returns the identical shells provided by
the customer to that same customer. In
such instances the customer is the
manufacturer and would not be liable for
tax if the shells are manufactured for
personal use. If the customer sells reloaded
shells or uses them in a business,
e.g., shooting range, the customer
would be liable for the tax.
I might be mistaken but I believe the original post was referring to "Factory" reloaded ammunition, not basement reloads by hand.

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