i in 5 boys have ADHD?


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Headline – “ADHD on the rise: 1 in 5 high school-age boys diagnosed with hyperactivity”, folks that’s 20%. You can Read the whole article here: ADHD on the rise: 1 in 5 high school-age boys diagnosed with hyperactivity | Fox News

Here is what I think is going on with this bogus story. Since the Gun Grabbers are attempting to stop us all from having firearms, but continue to run in to resistance at every turn, it is unlikely they will get much done. Now think about this. All indications point to mental illness being a large contributor to many of the mass shootings in our Nation. Many people including the NRA and others are saying any new gun laws need to address the mental illness issue. Well guess what, I think the government is coming up with the bogus “1 in 5 boys has ADD” as an avenue to work to get the supposed disorder classified as a mental illness thus effectively eliminating anyone who has been diagnosed with the disorder from every being able to legally own a firearm, which based on the governments statistics would stop at least 20% of the male population in this country from ever being able to own a firearm!

Some Doctors already are hollering foul but it might not be enough. We all had better watch this one real close before it gains much ground.

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I'm not so sure that the government made up the results... but they sure will use them to their advantage. In the school systems, it is very easy for a child to get diagnosed by some doctor as having ADHD. All a parent has to say is "he's very fidgety and doesn't concentrate all the time". Sound like any of you when you were a kid? Now, why would a parent do this to their child? It's because once a child has been diagnosed the school MUST provide that child extra support. The school will write up an IEP (Individual Education Plan), they will provide him with a special education teacher to follow and track his progress, etc.

In my high school 49% of all the children have some sort of IEP and the vast majority are for ADHD.

It's a crock, but it's being done.

Now, the libtards in Washington start seeing this "increase" in ADHD, you don't think they are going to use that to their advantage? Of course they are. The crying shame of this... the schools are government institutions and the government can have records of all those that have IEP for "behavioral disorders". They already know who is and who is not diagnosed coming out of school.


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None of the three. You are responsible for your kids. Not someone else. We are talking in the context of the "quick to diagnose " ADHD epidemic in this country. Yes. There are true cases of ADHD. Unfortunately, as many agree in this thread, ADHD is always vomited out as a reason for a kid who has not been disciplined. Either you are clueless, without kids or both. Controversial enough for ya?

In your other post you threw a blanket of parenting over a real issue. Certainly many genuine illnesses are over diagnosed for whatever reason. What many of the posters here did was to belittle the ones that really have the condition.
Sort of like throwing a blanket over all gun owners.


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I do not doubt that the results of the study mentioned by the OP are BS, and that there is an ulterior motive for the study. And I do believe that ADD and ADHD probably are overdiagnosed.

But if you have not lived with a child with ADHD, you totally and completely do not know what the hell you are talking about if you believe it is not real.

Has no one stopped and thought about the meds side of the story? AHDH meds are amphetamines and other STIMULANTS. Speed. Versions of the stuff people take to stay awake for hours on end.

What do you think would happen if you give speed to a normal kid? He would be bouncing off the walls. But if you give speed to a kid with ADD or ADHD, he acts as if it were barbiturates....calms down, chills out, etc, sometimes to the point of being zombie-like. This has been known for at least 50 years, when I was in high school studying drugs, one of the uses for amphetamines was already for hyperactivity. I thought that was pretty stupid-sounding. Until 25 years later.

I have a grandchild with ADD, and four with ADHD. All have taken meds, all have grown out of needing them. In all of them, the meds were the difference of pretty much not being able to function in school, and being on the honor roll every nine weeks. The oldest two grew up in my house. Both asked to be taken off meds when they felt they didn't need them any more. The one with ADD still shows many of the signs, but uses the hyperness to his advantage, he is in the US Army. The oldest with ADHD shows nearly no signs of it, he is a junior in HS.

It has nothing to do with parenting. I am not afraid to give the same corporal punishment I received as a child. It doesn't help. It is like they can't help but screw up. I was lucky though, I know of kids that tear doors off of hinges.


I really dont care if some of you actually believe there is such a thing as ADD or ADHD... I call it ALL bullcrap, 100%......

100 years ago it didnt exist..... You got yer butt beat or you behaved.... You soon learned which was better.....

psychology is all a sham..... Have 20 psychologists examine 1 patient and you will get 20 different diagnosis..... I have less respect for them than I do cops......


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ADD, ADHD and Autism are very real BUT in my opinion are way over diagnosed. It has nothing to do with parenting or sissified schools. Some school employees and even parents love the meds because they make their job easy by creating stepford kids and this IMHO is criminal.
unless you have actually worked with the real deal you haven't a clue. The cause isn't really known but it is real, no less real then any other disability. Learning how to compensate without meds can work well for mild cases. Setting boundaries and structure works well.

How can you compare ADHD with Autism? You lost all credibility there in my eyes.

IMHO more than 1 in 5 high school boys received a time-out from their parents when they needed an A$$-whoopin'


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First,of all, ADD and ADHD are very legit. There are people that truly have it, and suffer for it.

That being said, I don't believe the 20%. Not when I meet parents, and half of them feed their kids constant junk foods with high levels sugar and high fructose corn syrup. And when they tell them not to do something, the kids do it anyway, and there's no repercussions.

Pump Johnny full of sugar, don't discipline him, and then complain when teachers say he has ADHD. Amazing.

You can bet your bum if these parents would act like parents, the cases would drop down to single digits.


Saying unicorns are real, even when others agree and say the same thing does NOT make them real..... I rest my case.


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ADHD is like welfare. Initially there was a clearly defined problem and a genuine need for a "cure". It has since been over-diagnosed and over prescribed for and is being abused as a cure-all for a lack of responsibility.
You could have a deadly version of the flu, or a common cold. If you treat for the common cold when the person actually has a deadly disease you fail. If you treat for the deadly flu but they only have a common cold, you have erred on the side of caution and there are no adverse effects to the care provider - but the patient has been over treated even if they don't see any adverse reaction.


Are you genuinely that clueless or trying to be macho or controversial?

While some of it is legitimate, most all the problems with kids diagnosed with ADHD is due to lack of parenting. Or bad parenting. What happens too often is that people either fail to raise their kids right or ignore their bad behavior and when they get too big to control, they look for an easy out and a way to shift the responsibility amd blame away from themselves. A diagnosis likely comes with a prescription, funded by taxpayers. A drooling snoring kid lying on the couch talks back way less than a wily 10 year old with no shame, morals or manners.

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