I get my Sig P229 back today.....


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.....and I can't wait! Two years ago I decided that the factory finish was getting a bit worn so I set it to Fords Guns in Florida to get a full refinish in brushed nickel. Well, once I got it back and put about 50 rounds through it I noticed the finish was flaking off at the front of the slide right below the barrel. Long story short, after 2 years of getting nowhere, Ford's decided not to refund my money or refinish my gun so I finally decided to send it to Robar for a chemical strip and a complete finish in their amazing NP3. So, at the end of february I sent them my Sig and, as promised on their website, 6 weeks later it is on it's way home. I will post pictures tonight and I will have a range report on monday. :biggrin:

Oh, here is my 229 with Ford's finish....
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I am glad you got it back. I am sorry you had trouble with Ford's. Thanks for sharing the problem though. Please show us how pretty it is now.
Very Nice!

I got to tell you that have to be one of the nieces looking SIGs I have ever seen. Very nice
Okay, just got home and staged some photos. Here is the new finish. I have to say I am very impressed with how it turned out. I like the fact that the color is darker and more subdued, it's better for carry. Also, the NP3 is great, the metal is dry to the touch but when the action is cycled it feels like its just been oiled. Awesome.

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Pretty baby. What was the rebirthing paines like.

Well, it would have been about $285 plus shipping but since they had to chemically strip the previous nickel finish off, that was an extra $65 and I had them do a second magazine for $20 so final price with shipping was just under $400.

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