Guns on campus at a Texas Public School

Should guns be allowed on a public school campus and in the classroom?

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One year ago, David Thweatt made a decision so controversial and groundbreaking the story about it sped around the world. The superintendent of the isolated Harrold Independent School District, about 30 miles northwest of Abilene, made history last August when he and his school board decided to allow select teachers and staff members at the 110-student school to carry guns on campus — a first for Texas and the nation. (Link Removed)

I feel teachers have the same rights and responsibilities (maybe more) granted them under the second amendment and should be allowed to CCW on campus and in their classrooms as long as they are valid CHL holders.

I personally would like to see MORE school districts around the State and country do the same!

+1. Schools can be a very dangerous place. If you have a CHL then you should be able to carry there.
Sadly, this is one of the few areas in which the Bradys are more powerful than the NRA. As long as they're able to appeal to people's emotions (something that they've been hugely successful at thus far in this area), then guns will not be allowed at schools, and, unfortunately, chidlren will be sitting ducks for the crazies of the world to kill with impunity. I wish more states would look at New Hampshire and adopt its list of no carry places, which only include courthouses and places that are off limits under federal law.
Where's the bloodbath? No accidental discharge? No disgruntled teacher shooting unruley students? This story must be a spoof!:sarcastic:
... where's the bloodbath? No accidental discharge? No disgruntled teacher shooting unruley students? This story must be a spoof!:sarcastic:

Ha! :)

Truthfully, I doubt they’ve implemented this policy out of fear of the kiddos! Trust me, I grew up in West Texas Schools (primarily in my birthplace of Denver City—a smaller ISD like the one in the story). There wasn’t a great deal of misbehaving going on in those smaller ISD's! The “board of corrections” was freely dispensed!

My teachers didn’t require a firearm to enforce their will, discipline or for defense! We were expected to show our teachers respect, whether they deserved it or not. The fact that they were our elders was reason enough alone. Wasn’t always fun, but the success rate for the production of healthy, responsible young adults—who could cope with real life once they got out into it—was pretty high! They were doing something right!

BUT, there have always been bad people in the world... and, unfortunately, even in Texas, bad people do stupid things and sometimes threaten the safety and lives of innocent people. I am pleased that Harold ISD gave their staff the right to protect themselves and their students from those sorts of bad people!
Why should I, a grown man, who has chosen to go back to school not be allowed to carry? I do not feel it is just the teachers that should be allowed to, but all who are law abiding citizens with their carry permits.
Seems it should be distinguished between elementrary/high schools and colleges/universities.
IMHO only teachers at the elementary level. As stated by Marionandjohn, college campuses should allow "grown man" and woman to carry.
Handguns are usually only sold to adults 21yrs or older. CCW permits are generally only issued to adults 21yrs of age or older... I think that is the distinguishing factor. Kids can't legally purchase firearms nor can they obtain a legal CCW permit. Should faculty with CCW permits be allowed to carry in an elementary, middle, or high school?? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Glad I live in OR where anyone with a CHL can carry at schools.

But for gawds sake, keep it concealed there...nobody wants to deal with a SWAT team.
Schools are shooting galleries with no backboard

Absolutely, teachers (and anyone) who obtains a CCW should be permitted to carry at schools. If the judges and politicians don't want the potential life-saving support that armed citizens may be able to provide if the SHTF, so be it. They already have some armed protection. But our nation's schools are defense-free zones, where any tool with a gun can find ready-made victims - and these murderers know it.

Whether it's a student coming to gun down teachers or fellow students, or a freak off the streets, the best policy the schools can currently employ is lock down. How much better would that plan be if while in lockdown, a well-prepared teacher (or classroom visitor, for that matter) had weapon out and ready in case the madman comes in? Almost just like my saferoom strategy at home. As for universities, legal carry should simply be the norm. Accent on legal.

It's not legal carry that creates the problem of innocent shooting victims. Might a legal CCW occasionally go postal? I guess, but have not heard of it.

Just like the stellar safety record of hunters in the US (it's more dangerous to play golf or go jogging), CCW holders have an incredible absence of crime in our ranks that nobody knows about. We should find a way to better communicate that fact, and maybe the newsies will stop predicting bloodbaths and mass murder every time a state eases it's CCW laws.
I attend a university in Utah. Utah law specifically states that my school cannot prohibit CCW on campus. I express my appreciation by always excercizing that right.:biggrin:
Gun-free zones and PFA's (protection from abuse orders) have one thing in common. A committed individual who doesn't care if they live or die will ignore them. My worst fear is that one day Jihadists in this country will go en-masse to a campus and kill a lot of kids before help can arrive.

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