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Google Chrome - Download a new browser

I just downloaded it and tried it out. It seems to be pretty fast compared to Internet Explorer and Firefox as far as loading pages. Just thought I'd share, it came out today.

Really? I use Google for just about everything, email, bookmarks, notebooks, payment processing, desktop a browser.
ok, guess I"ll have to fess up to being a bit paranoid re the "latest and greatest" on the internet. I'm not ready to break out the tin foil hats, but I do wonder about how easy it would be to milk information from unsuspecting users, especially when most of them (including me) have no idea how to know or find out if info is leaving your computer without your knowledge........ yep I realize that I'm in that position right now, but I took the point enough times. For now, I"ll follow you....... in a little while....maybe...... :wink:
That's totally understandable. I personally trust google and the products they put out but that's just me.
I heard about it on Fox this morning and forgot to check it out. Thanks for reminding me Luke. I use Google exclusively and have no reason to not trust them.
Well I downloaded it and so far not too bad. Really fast loading and the only thing I don't like is the Spell Checker. It underlines a misspelled word but doesn't suggest any spellings. I'll use it for browsing but I miss my ieSpell. Hopefully they will come out with a better Spell Checker!
I tested it out and didnt really like the feel of it. It is still in beta though, will be interested to see how it all turns out.
That's totally understandable. I personally trust google and the products they put out but that's just me.

So do I. BTW, did it cost you anything to download this new browser? Is there a version for Macs, or only available for PCs?
I like Opera and Google seems no faster, although it's plenty faster than IE. I may keep it as a backup to Opera but its doesn't have near as much customization possible. Maybe in time.
Actually, I was able to answer my own question. I saw in today's newspaper that currently, it is only available for Windows, but that the versions for Linux and Mac OS will be available shortly. I don't see myself switching to it any time soon, but it's nice to know that there is one more option available for surfing the web now.
Firefox is working a lot better on my machines (both PC). Don't really like the Google browser as it is right now. I'm sure it will improve in the near future.

I kind of like how when you open it it shows the various most used sites for you to just click on.

May take a me a bit to get used to.

Also sites like hotmail don't seem to work with it for what ever reason.

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