Good Concealed Weappn for Big Hands


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Im a big guy so I have big hands. A lot of the compacts do not fit well in my hands. Does anyone have a recommendation for a 9 mm that conceals easily but works well for someone with large hands?


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X Large gloves are tight for me.
I carry G26 or G30. G30 fits my hands better but both work for me.

Phillip Gain

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Definitely check out the M&P pistols. But since you have big hands, I'd opt for the .45 instead of the 9mm or the .40 S&W. The big deal about the M&P line of pistols is that they have interchangeable backstraps, 3 included with the gun in S, M, and L.


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Any twin-stack 9mm should do the trick. You can always add a Hogue grip to make it wider for your hands. Might I suggest one of these as metal options:

9mm twin-stack 1911
9mm Baby Eagle or Jericho - a Hogue wrap-around is available on gunbroker for these and it's not a slip-on
9mm CZ75, P-01
9mm Browning

In polymers you'll be in the same boat, add a Hogue to help the width. Any good polymer 9mm will do you some justice, just find what feels best in your hands.

A particular polymer 9mm that I've been told to be good with large hands, oddly enough, is the CZ P-07 Duty. I loaned my old one to a good friend and he fell in love with it.


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My husband has big hands (one of his nicknames is "Shreck"). He really likes his Sig P226 - he has it in .40 but I think it can be obtained in any of the major calibers. My son, who has hands almost as large as his Dad's (but shaped very differently - he has smaller palms but longer fingers) also has a Sig P226 in 9mm. He likes it as well.

I have fairly small hands, and I carry an M&P 9mm - I use the smallest palm swell and I find it quite comfortable and I can shoot accurately with it.


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I have large hands and a big guy too (6'2" 290)
The guns I use for carry are a Sig Sauer P226 in 9mm and a Glock 26 but with a Pinky extension from Scherer (its longer than the others on the market) or I use a 15rd mag with a grip sleeve depending on what I'm wearing. But if your looking for a small gun then go with the Glock 26 and follow my changes I do

Good Luck


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I have big hands I carry glock 26 but you might Like the 30 also might want a gen 4 as the have different back strap options from factory, and after market for different feels.


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Gotta vote for the M&P... I have both the full size 45 and the 40c... Both comfortable to shoot and fit hands large and small. If they are really large (like my nephew Alex) the full size 9 or 40 will do quite well... I carry my full size M&P45 in a CrossBreed IWB and have no issue with comfort. My 2 pennies..

Detroit 45 acp

Try FNP or FNX comes with 3 back straps 9mm 40 s&w 45acp well balanced pistol you can look the up at FNUSA.COM


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Two I have personal exp with is Glock 19 gen4, adjustable straps, would fit bigs hands good, also the Sig 226 is a good option, best advice would be go to a range that rents guns and shoot some find one you like,shoot well, feels good, and then buy one


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I've found that my XD9 (Service model, full size) not only is a good fit for my hands, but I've got no problem concealing it. At 6'2", 300lbs, I've got plenty of space to hide it, though. :) Nice weapon, fits well.


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I have very large hands and have no problem with my Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec PF9, or HK P2000SK.

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