FW Man Says Teens Beat Him Up


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I would hate to shoot a 14 year old kid but if 20 teens attacked me I don't think I would ask their age before shooting.

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Man Says Teens Beat Him Up
Man Severely Beaten In Face, Kicked In Ribs

POSTED: 1:52 pm CDT October 16, 2008
UPDATED: 2:20 pm CDT October 16, 2008

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A Fort Worth man claims a group of teenagers attacked him as he walked near his home.

The attack happened near the intersection of West Crowley and Sycamore School roads Saturday night.

Ernest Silva was severely beaten in the face and kicked in the ribs.

He said as many as 20 teenagers beat him after he refused to give them money.

A 14-year-old was arrested that night as he ran from police officers.

I would hate to shoot a teenager also, however, if it was the only way of saving mine or someone else's life then I would do so. The statement "kids will be kids" only goes so far and teenagers know right from wrong.
The way I see it, kids can be capable of horrible crimes and like adults they should know the possible consequences of unlawful actions. That includes the possibility of being shot while committing a violent crime.
No need to romanticise "kids." They can be damn dangerous, especially in packs. They may not be fully baked yet, but they can sure do adult levels of harm and mayhem.
This goes back to the topic i started about OC spray and night sticks. Something like this would have been great for this. As you cant just pull out a gun and start blasting. A few hits with a baton would do the trick or a blast from some Fox labs. Would also help to find the people as they have UV markers in them. Something like this goes back to the three F's (Fight,Flight, Or Freeze) the three basic things people do when they come under stress. IDk about you but something like that is/could be life or death i would pull all the stops, go for the eyes, the Family use your house keys. The number one rule of COMBAT IS FIGHT DIRTY!!. The days of walking back to back and turning and shooting are over. The guy who fights clean will be the dead guy.
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20 kids mob fighting for my money will get a gun in the hand very fast and maybe groin first shot.All the rest to the breast.:nono:
I found out the hard way 40 years ago...... a 3 yr old can pull a trigger, and a three yr old can hand someone a grenade without knowing what it is. I have no sympathy for anyone who causes me to view them as a threat, regardless of age, or gender. I'm not finished gettin' old yet.....

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