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Is it ok or not to carry in a Pennsylvania bar. I can't find anything in writing at the state level saying not to. What are some of your thoughts folks?


You may, but why would you? You aren't planning on drinking while carrying are you? That's just asking for trouble.

Thank your for you help. My brother own's a family restraunt/bar since 1979 and I have always been concerned for there saftey. There have beed numerous "small" incendents over the years but these days the big one may be just around the corner. So that's why I asked. I usally am carring when I am there doing electrical/maintenance work and also when visiting socially. He seems to have no interest in having a hand gun handy for what ever reason.

Dave. PS. we have a weekend place in the Hawley area

Your perfectly fine to carry there as long as you are able to legally carry. Also, let your family members know that when on duty they may carry as well... and from the sounds of it, probably should.
Hello from Kingston

Checking in from Kingston(near Wilkes Barre) Luzerne County. Just did some trap shoooting this morning. Waiting for the warm weather to get to the range and maybe try some IDPA.
Allegheny County here, near the Butler County line..... I picked up a UT permit and picked up OH, and DE. The other three we will never see in our lifetime (NY, NJ, and MD). When I first got a license to carry, even WV didn't have reciprocity. Literally, we could not leave our state armed; we were an island surrounded by liberals. All six bordering states disallowed the PA license to carry.

At least with us living in SW PA, we can travel south through WV now.

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