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OK folks - PA calling!

Just kickin this off for now and will hope to see more people drop by later as time goes on. I am located what is perhaps described as South Central PA with a bias west! Bedford County.

I have two small quite local range facilities which are adequate for practice and also shoot when I can over at Hollidaysburg Sportmens Club where there is monthly IDPA -which is basically Frankstown to East of Altoona.

Most PA folks seem to be out East but I know there are a few over this side here and there.


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New Guy

I Live Outside Philly, Just Checking Out The Site. Hope To Find It Enlightening And Full Of Good Chatter. Be Safe,carry Smart.........


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I Live Outside Susquehanna, PA, Just Checking Out The Site. Hope To Find It Enlightening And Full Of Good Chatter. Hope to see PA sign NY to an agreement to honor a PA CCL :)

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Northeast PA

Hi folks
Scott from West Pittston here (Wilkes barre / Scranton area). Just found this site tonight with a link from my USCCA newsletter. I recently joined IDPA and shot my first match in August at Wilkes Barre Rifle club near Hunlock Creek. I shoot and carry a Glock G21 in 45 ACP. I have been a carry permit holder for about 10 years now and find myself carrying more now than ever before. I look forward to chatting on this new forum and want to hear from my fellow Pennsylvania CCW's, especially in my local area.
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New to USA Carry

Hi all...New to this site...located in SW Pa, Cambria County...I'm glad to see that someone is taking up where left off.


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Hello to everyone!!! Location is SW Pa. (Westmoreland County). Can't wait to get some good conversation going.


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Chester County.

larrymeyer, wrt your comment about PA/NY reciprocity... is there something in the works? If so, I hadn't heard.

Or are you just dreaming out loud? :)


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Bucks County present

I recently moved to Bucks County from the socialist republic of New Jersey in search of freedom, lower taxes and nicer folks.


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Delaware County

Hello from Wayne - that interesting Zip code that is in parts of Montgomery, Chester and Delaware counties - but I live in the Delaware County part...:) formerly from the Hunting Park section of Philly.
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To Carry in a bar?

Is it ok or not to carry in a Pennsylvania bar. I can't find anything in writing at the state level saying not to. What are some of your thoughts folks?



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Howdy from Pike County

borntotravel, dear friend,

There are few places we can't carry, and bars are not one of em. Courts forbidden, but by law they must supply a secure location for your gun.

Schools, but when you read the law, it has an exception for lawful posession of a gun (don't be the one in court trying to splain that to the Judge?)

Federal offices, which are off limits anyway.

By the way, here are the online PA statutes . Find all necessay info about PA in the Title 18 statutes.:)



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Forgot a nice one

We can collect automatic/or switch blade knives and keep them at home. Police or active duty military only may carry them around.

Kind of bone head stupid, as any of us armed, could wreak a lot of madness with the guns we carry, yet the evil knives we are not allowed?:(
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Thank your for you help. My brother own's a family restraunt/bar since 1979 and I have always been concerned for there saftey. There have beed numerous "small" incendents over the years but these days the big one may be just around the corner. So that's why I asked. I usally am carring when I am there doing electrical/maintenance work and also when visiting socially. He seems to have no interest in having a hand gun handy for what ever reason.

Dave. PS. we have a weekend place in the Hawley area

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