First in line!

Livin' and shooting from Montgomery County!

Blair County Here!

Live outside Altoona. Shoot at Hollidaysburg and at 3-valleys in Claysburg. Not as much as I would like to... Too dang cold in the winter.
Carbon County, though I fear that if the Obama Administration has its way with their agenda and "political correctness," I will be living in "Greenhouse Gas County"! ARRGH!

I buy and shoot in Bucks County.

Hey all,
I am located in the City of Fools in the State of Confusion. They call it Pittsburgh, Pa. on a map. Anyone know of the status of the Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club? Aside from it being closed. I read somewhere that someone was interested in buying it.
I'm from Central PA in a county by the name of Elk. Born and raised in a small town (Byrnedale) moved to a so called city by the name of St. Marys.
Howdy all.
I am new to the site(cool and informitable place)Not new to PA lived here almost all my life other than 92 to 94 when I was in the Navy.
Lancaster Stevens area. Carry religiously. Even when I'm bumming at home I carry. If the law doesn't forbid it I carry it.
We can collect automatic/or switch blade knives and keep them at home. Police or active duty military only may carry them around.

Kind of bone head stupid, as any of us armed, could wreak a lot of madness with the guns we carry, yet the evil knives we are not allowed?:(

There are no legal exceptions provided that would allow LEO or military to carry automatic knives. They may be own and kept as curious only.

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