Experts needed for Indiana CCW questions……….

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I’m unsure on all of these, in INDIANA with a Legal, valid, pink CCW License:

1) Post offices - Is this for the postal counter only or does this also include the 24 hour area where the postal PO Boxes are ?

2) Controlled access areas of an airport….. So baggage claim, ticketing desks, food court and gift shops, not past the metal detectors – is OK ??? Yes

3) Libraries and Hospitals ?

4) Movie Theatre’s - that have a sticker on the door, 10” off the ground saying: ‘ No Guns allowed on premise’ What is the penalty or ability for them to check for Legal CCW Hand guns ( S&W 642 or H&K P7 ) ?

5) A College campus ( like IUPUI ) ?

6) A bar ? Like BW3’s or Tiki Bob’s……?

7) A casino that’s not a ‘Riverboat’ ie: French Lick Casino, sits on land without water ???

8) A bank ?

This website URL really isn’t clear on these above…..

Indiana Concealed Carry Permit Information

Please advise and provide ‘a law’ backing up your statements….. Sorry, but ‘I think it’s OK’….
Really doesn’t help much……..

Thanks, TLK

Ps: ( I’m not a kid - - 52 yrs old Male )

Pls help if you can. Thx, TLK

I'm not familiar with Indiana law, but can tell you that post offices are considered "Federal Property" and are restricted. The parking lot is also considered "Federal Property", but is sort of a "gray area", as they often allow you to secure your firearm in your vehicle before going into the building.

Keep in mind that I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY. I AM NOT GIVING YOU "LEGAL ADVISE". CONSULT A LICENSED ATTORNEY IN YOUR AREA THAT IS FAMILIAR WITH FIREARMS LAWS IF YOU WANT LEGAL ADVISE. Taking advise from folks on an internet website may cause you more harm than good. Many of us will do our best to steer you in the right direction, but cannot be held liable for anything that happens should you do or not do as we recommend.

Welcome to the site!

Link Removedmight give you a bit more information. It contains links that may further assist you in your research.

Disclaimer: it's not written by a lawyer. I'm not a lawyer. It's good to check with a lawyer or a local CCW instructor for new & updated legal information.

As gf stated below, just as with post offices, don't quote me but I believe that most if not all airports (I'm not sure about private airports) may be governed under federal law, and may be restricted; and again, the parking areas may be gray areas.

PS, welcome to the site!
Post office - no carry, Bars where liquor is sold for consumption on premises, no carry, libraries, carry, hospitals, carry, college campus, no carry, casino, no carry.

If you carry where permission is denied by poster, you commit a misdemeanor that cannot be prosecuted. You would be asked to leave, and if you refused, you WOULD be charged with armed trespass.

A bank, carry..

All of the above would be subject to a manager's ban, by displayed poster.

Other places where ccw carry in Indy are severely frowned upon, are churches, municipal buildings and BMV offices.

I am not a Lawyer, but am LEO and Firearm Instructor. Currently coming to the end of a 5 year stint in Indiana.
When I got my license in Indiana several years ago there was no requirement to take training so I contacted an NRA instructor near Indianapolis and signed up for their carry course. It was very informative and will answer all of your questions. I would recommend Jim Heath 317-862-3237. If he is too far from you he can advise someone closer. He is excellent!
I would suggest getting the book "Indiana Handgun Law" by Bryan Ciyou, see the link at end to the book on

It is written by a lawyer specializing in handgun law for the layperson living in Indiana with a CCW permit. It answers all your questions.

By the way there is at least one piece of incorrect information above. In Indiana Bar carry is ok. Not necessarily smart, but not illegal. As far as private property owners, if confronted you must leave or face tresspassing charges. No criminal or CCW problems from ignoring a posted sign as long as you leave when asked. But don't take my word for it, get the book and read it at least twice.

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