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Is anyone aware of a duty glove that combines cut resistance (preferably a spectra blend) AND blood borne pathogen protection?

These would be very handy for me to have at work instead of just the cut resistive gloves that I use now.

I have not been able to find any that combine both features. They are either cut resistant or bloodborne pathogen resistant, not both. I have checked with Damascus and Hatch and neither of them have such an animal. I will ask around and if I find some I will let you know.
Galls is a very good (but overpriced) place to shop. Unfortunately they dont have what I am looking for :(

I have used hatch friskmaster max FM 3500 gloves for years and loved them, but I got them soaked with infected blood a couple of days ago and that got me thinking.

It is interesting that it seems so hard to find gloves that are both cut resistant and have pathogen protection.

Many years ago (probably 10 years or so), I purchased a pair of gloves from Galls. They were made by "Hatch" and were both Kevlar lined (for cut resistance) and had a barrier for blood borne pathogens. After about 6 months of use, I noticed the liners seperating from each other. Haven't seen anything like it since. For the longest time, I've used Hatch Frismaster gloves, but wanted a more "economical" and comfortable alternative. A couple of buddies from the Maui Police Department suggested that I check out their set up. They use standard batter's gloves (the kind that go on sale at The Sports Authority for $5 a pair) and use black nitrile goves either under the batter's gloves or over (depending on the weather and work situation. I thought that the batter's gloves didn't offer the kind of cut resistance that I would like it to have, so we put the gloves to a side by side test. I put on my cut resistant chain glove (the silver one that does a number on your knive blade, but keeps your hand from getting cut). Both gloves performed comparably when the palm was exposed to the blade, but we all agreed that the back of our hands were better protected by the actual "cut resistant" golves. After some thinking, we didn't really need the "cut resistance" on the back of our hands. The gloves are affordable enough where we can keep a couple of pairs in our duty bags in the event of contamination or damage, and not be too upset about it.

Just another option to consider.

I found some that do just that. They are called the Gimbel Frisk& Search Gloves.

Now there’s a better way to handle the hazards—puncture-resistant Gimbel Frisk and Search Gloves. It’s like a bulletproof vest for your hands that still allows you to feel a trigger, operate handcuff keys, identify objects by touch, and take notes. Gimbel Frisk and Search Gloves offer the best puncture resistance available in a tactile glove. Triple-gloving with standard latex gloves won’t protect you against cuts or punctures. Kevlar gloves limit feeling, flexibility and offer no fluid protection. The patented Gimbel Frisk and Search Glove is designed to meet the National Law Enforcement Corrections Technology Center’s top criteria for protective gloves, including pathogen protection, cut and puncture-resistance, dexterity, tactility and durability.

Cut and Puncture resistant fingertips

* 9 layers (6 for EMS glove) of polymer mesh work together to create a virtually impenetrable pad in the fingertips and thumbs where 90% of cuts and punctures occur
* Exceeds the NIJs highest rating for puncture resistanc

Constructed with Two Layers of Natural Rubber

* Thicker and more durable than traditional latex gloves
* Features a 4" extended cuff for additional protection
* Eliminates the need for double or triple gloving
* Provides a complete barrier against blood and other body fluid

Excellent tactility and comfort

* Anatomically designed to hug the normal curves of the hand
* Allows complete, unrestricted hand mobility
* May be worn under other protective apparel
* Powder-free design

Quality Tested

* Each Gimbel glove is 100% air and water leak tested at the factory


* Glove may be reused multiple times (50+)
* Germicidal/Antibacterial wipes may be used to disinfect the gloves from many viruses such as Hepatitis "B" and HIV*
* Provides significant cost and waste reduction over traditional latex gloves which do not provide any cut or puncture resistance

They are 9 dollars. Is this what you are looking for?
What I had in mind are more of the leather friskmaster type gloves, but these are interesting. Thanks for the post.

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